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The Art of Polite Correspondence {A Review}

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Christmas Thank You www.thankyoucardsshop.com

I have so many things against me when it comes to this:

– I have terrible penmanship (And it’s not like I don’t try, I just have issues with my hands that make it difficult to write.)
– I procrastinate.  A lot.  To the point of forgetting.  I am addressing this with making lists, and that helps.  Some of the time.
– I came of age when the internet exploded and live in a world of 24/7 connectivity.  People don’t write like they used to.

I *want* to be the person who sends handwritten letters and Thank You notes and gets her Christmas Cards out before February.  I do.

I really really do.

That’s why I have a house full of stationary and custom cards and stuffed envelopes waiting to be mailed…

Preppy Sailboat www.thankyoucardsshop.com

I may not have gotten my Christmas Cards out yet.  But I am going to get Thank You notes written from the boys.  Mostly because I have these really lovely Thank You notes from the Thank You Cards Shop.  Not to mention a heaping pile of guilt because I never ever get this simple task done.

I received these cards from Thank You Cards Shop, which is run by graphic designer Amy Lowry, ages ago.  (Apparently I also suffer from Unorganized Review Blogger Syndrome.  I think that’s a real thing.)  I have had multiple occasions to use them, but now seems as good a time as any.  She even includes tips for writing Thank You notes right on her shops website, so really- everything is there to get you going.

What I loved most when I first saw these cards was:

a) The classic Air Mail designs in their Airmail Brights collection- do you remember the first time you realized there were special envelopes for international mail?  For me it was in German class in high school.  I also remember the tissue thin paper we wrote on to help offset the cost of mailing the letters to our pen pals.  It felt so…continental!  I love that the Thank You Cards Shop uses this design.

b) The ability to choose custom colors.  How often do you get the chance to customize, right down to the colors used in your design, and there are so many great designs to choose from!  If you have colors you’d like to change or small design changes, just send an email and see if that is something they can accommodate.

Pretty Floral www.thankyoucardsshop.com

Anyways.  Tonight’s project will be post-Christmas Thank You notes* with the boys.



Do you send Thank You notes?

* To anyone receiving a card from us- hands will be washed while writing these cards!  I will try not to send you any of this awesome viral crud that has settled in our house.


Disclosure: I was provided a product for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own and I seriously love these cards.  Maybe collecting stationary is just another aspect of my paper addiction?  I do have a scrapbook paper hoarding problem…

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