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Is it Friday yet?

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I seriously need it to be Friday.  And I need Friday to be GOOD.

This week we had…

Monday, which brought clarity to the fact that you should never trust someone who switches between his landlord, investor, and businessman hats so frequently.  Also: people who think the phrase “I’m putting my (fill in the blank) hat on” somehow softens the blow, are kidding themselves.  Also: anyone who evicts you so he can have a place to live when he sells his house is kind of an (insert choice word here).  At least those were the sentiments of all the people who read my post on Tuesday.

Which brings me to Tuesday.  Tuesday had me bringing Judah in to have an “unofficial” evaluation/ observation to rule out any red flags for Autism.  If you’ve been down this road, you know how difficult that is.  Thankfully, he is just crazy busy and challenging, no red flags found.  Also: we toured, made an offer and had our offer accepted on a house.  We are (cross your fingers) going to be home owners.  Finally!

Wednesday I had two IEP meetings scheduled back to back in the afternoon.  IEP meetings usually come with a lot of anxiety for a lot of parents.  I generally welcome the chance to chat with the boys teams and make plans for next year.  This year, I figured there would be issues with the transition/ transportation between the boys day treatment and school.  I was correct.  We are pretty much up shit creek a this point and we are seriously contemplating pulling them out of school and just doing day treatment.  The alternative does absolutely nothing to serve our boys- it only serves the two different facilities. It’s funny that after the last 10 days of agonizing over keeping them in this school district, how easily I am willing to walk away from their current school.  I’m hoping I can get past this annoyance in the coming weeks and I hope that we can come to a better solution.  I still can’t believe that *this* is what we have to quibble over each year.

Thursday, well, Thursday brought snow.

It’s April 18th.  This is the third snowfall we’ve had in a week.  I know that non-natives think Minnesota is under snow for 300 days a year, but I’m here to tell you, this is not the norm.  I am officially ready for Spring!

Also, with the craziness of the week, my house is a crazy mess.  Dishes are piled in the sink, the laundry room is filled with moving boxes and laundry, the dining room and living room are an inch deep with toys and tools.  Judah won’t stop escaping out the back door and he pooped on the floor TWICE today.  Because of all of this, I have a short fuse.  I feel like I’m constantly yelling and screaming and I just want to crawl into bed and wake up to a clean house.  But that isn’t going to happen.  I will be up hours after they go to bed (they will still be up at 11, mark my words), trying to get some semblance of order and I will wake up exhausted, and crabby, and start this whole thing over, with a shorter fuse.

So, Friday…our INSPECTION day!  It seriously better be a good one.  At least this weekend won’t be lost to driving around looking at houses!

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One Comment on “Is it Friday yet?”

  1. 1 sifinalaska said at 5:31 pm on April 20th, 2013:

    I swear, we have gotten more snow in the last month… and also not normal up here either. I'm with you on being ready for summer.

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