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Throwing a Great 1st Birthday Party

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One thing that parents seem to look forward to with a new baby, is the big First Birthday.  For us, it’s not as much about the kid, as it is about surviving that crazy, sleep deprived, year full of other firsts.  With the twins, we went a little above and beyond what we would normally do (we went on a horse-drawn hayride), with Judah we just chilled at our house and had a BBQ with family.  Whether you are planning something simple or lavish, I think we can all relate to this guest post!


For new parents, the 1st birthday of a child is a big deal. While you still have a long way to go with raising the kids, the first birthday party can be a fantastic way to celebrate your accomplishment.

That being said, although we’re celebrating the baby’s first birthday, it’s not like the baby’s going be mad about the cake flavor or the decorations. This event is more for the parents, family, and friends, when it comes down to it. Let’s talk about some creative, fun ideas to celebrate with the family and friends who’ve helped you along the way.

Outdoor Extravaganza
You’d be surprised about how great even a small backyard can be for a new family. If you have one, consider yourself lucky to be out of a cramped little condo that doesn’t even have a balcony. Let’s turn your backyard into birthday party central.

 First, you need decorations. As you know, department stores have aisles and aisles of party decorations, for fairly cheap. Some personal favorites of mine are buying ribbons and centerpieces – these 2 commodities alone can cover an entire backyard and tables for a very low price. One thing that we did splurge on was a photo booth. James Argenti helped us pick out something appropriate for our theme.

If you’re planning on having the party into the night, Party Lights has a wide selection of commercial string lights in all lengths and colors. Tip: intertwine the ribbon in the string lights – thank me later). 

cake w erin and jon

Finger Foods and Craft Beers
Again, the baby isn’t the one eating the BBQ and drinking the beers – make sure you have a nice selection of drinks and spirits for guests, who will probably be parents and relatives who would love a cooler of good beer and maybe some mixed drinks.

This one’s easy – bring out a cooler, get some ice, and I’d probably recommend buying some “party pack” beers, cases that already have a variety. Be sure to pick up some mixed drinks mix, maybe some soda and a handle. Your guests are sure to feel appreciated with a nice drink selection.

As for finger foods, I’m sure there are a million and half online articles about which ones are the best for you, so I won’t go into detail. If you have a bbq, some burgers and hotdogs are classic, as well as some simple pizza and wings. Remember – don’t forget the guac. 


The Grand Finale – Cake Time
If your baby isn’t asleep by now, then good for you! He might just be conscious enough to appreciate the glowing light-thing on the plate in front of him. If you’re a baker, skip the store-bought and make your own. C’mon – everyone loves cake, and there’s nothing worse than a birthday party cake that is either 1. too small, or 2. tastes weird. 

While I’m all for lemon meringue and upside-down pineapple, these exotic cakes might be too much on some occasions. Go with a nice vanilla or chocolate to keep everyone happy and clamoring for a slice. As far as dinnerware, try out the Paper Plates | Paper Eskimo, which are perfect for any kid’s party.

Make your child’s 1st birthday something to remember, both for them and your guests. Be sure to take notes – you never know when your next “1st birthday” might be!

Disclosure: this is a guest post.



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