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Merry Christmas!

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I’ve done it- I actually got my Christmas cards ordered, addressed, stamped, and MAILED…this year!  BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

I actually had 4 different orders.

When you have such a hard time getting them out, you don’t buy 100 right out of the gate.  You buy 50.  And then 20.  and then 10 (because there couldn’t possible be anyone else).  and then you realize there are lots of anyone elses, and you buy 20 more.  And then you get over it and start sending out regular cards without family photos.


This was the first rendition. It’s probably my favorite. Except for some reason the photos of Silas and Lincoln are switched here and look all weird. Oh well- they looked good on the actual cards.

It feels so good to be on top of things for a change, instead of dragging ass and not getting anything done. Christmas is pretty much going to rock this year.

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