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Scentbird: Making my Obsession Affordable

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I’ve talked about my love of perfume on a few occasions. It’s still going strong, and I’m still working through my list of scents I need to smell. I’m actually adding to that list every week. There is always something new, always something new to fall in love with.  A lot of them are niche, or hard to find in the Twin Cities, but there is always something.

A few months ago, I came across a brand new subscription service called Scentbird.

Scentbird black

For $14.95 I get an 8ml vial of the designer perfume of my choice, delivered right to my door. Because I never seem to be able to get anywhere other than Target, and dragging kids to the mall sounds about as fun as twisting a rusty fork in my eyeball, this works perfectly for me.

The first month I ordered Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her- and I fell instantly in love. It’s like a sexy, spiced up version of Burberry Brit, which I wore for years. This month I ordered Bulgari Rose Essentielle, which I think I might like more than Stella. Which seems almost blasphemous, as Stella kind of made smelling like roses, hip again.

Each vial is supposed to last for 30 days. I honestly have the majority of each vial left, because I don’t use the same perfume every day, and I don’t wear perfume every day (just most days), so I feel like I’m definitely getting my monies worth out of this service.


I’ve done a few monthly subscriptions in the past, and this is by far my favorite, and the only one I have stuck with for more than a month. I’m five months in, and I can’t see myself stopping unless they discontinue the service. I really hope they don’t, this is my little indulgence. Even my lattes get sucked down by the boys- this is just for me!

Interested in switching up your scent? Please- click my affiliate link. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really love this, and thought I would share.


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