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Hashtag Hillary Hashtag All IN

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I couldn’t vote in the 1992 election, I was only 14 years old. But I remember the saxophone, and the Man from Hope, and the crazy half-brother.

And I remember the cookies. And I remember the headbands. And the cankles. And I remember the woman trying to change healthcare in our country being reduced to a punchline.

I remember the “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” speech.

I remember voting for the first time.

I remember Monica Lewinsky. (That news brought the first breathless phone call regarding a news event that I can remember.) I remember the impeachment trial.

I remember the move to New York, and the race for Senate.

And I remember 9/11, of course.

I remember the 2008 election. I remember having to convince myself that it wasn’t her time, that there was still a chance, that I could wait a little bit longer.

I remember Benghazi. I remember the emails.

But this is it. We are finally here.

I’m voting for Hillary because I have watched and admired her for the better part of my life. She is not the “lesser of two evils”. She is calm, compassionate, and serious. She has the temperament and the intellect to lead our great democracy. She is a quiet fighter.

I’m Ready.






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