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I never thought I would be a Mom.  Well, I guess that’s not true.  I wanted to be a Mom, and thought any kids I had would be born before I was 30.  Then for a few years after I got married I did a 180 and was vehemently against becoming a mother.  Don’t ask me why- I don’t have any idea what spurred on that idea.

That all changed one day while waiting to hear news of my best friend’s babys safe arrival.  I wanted a baby- and NOW!

Funny that.

So in February of 2008 we embarked on our little journey to parenthood, documented starting here. By March I was pregnant and we were on our way.  This is also the month I turned 30.

It was horrible.

I don’t do pregnancy well.

Hyperemesis. Polyhydramnios.  PUPPPs…you get the picture.

On June 6th we found out we were having twins.  Hard swallow.  On November 12th they were born- identical boys.  Hooray! At my 6 week appointment I was telling my midwife I couldn’t wait to do it all again.

She told me to wait until the boys were one.

So I did.  Until November 2009.

It was horrible!  (See above.)

We announced our pregnancy to our families at Christmas and welcomed perfect boy #3 to the family in August 2010.

In December the twins got an initial Autism diagnosis from Early Intervention. Life. Changing.

In January 2011 I became a Stay at Home Mom!  Hooray!

In 2013, we finally decided to settle down in Minneapolis, and bought a house in a cozy corner of Northeast. We closed on May 31st, and by early July I was looking at 2 blue lines. One last shot at completing our brood!

It was horrible!  (See above.)

Our blonde haired, blue eyed baby boy #4 joined us in March of 2013.

So that’s how I got my kids, became a Mom, yada yada yada…

I’m no super mom.

Make no mistake- I love my kids, they are the world to me.  But when it comes down to making the effort to wrangle everyone outside into the wagon and down to the park in the heat and humidity…I opt to sit inside and fan myself in front of the A/C.  Read books on the couch.  Eat snacks and grind them into the chair cushions (them, not me). Things that don’t take a huge amount of effort.

This is where I detail our adventures of living in the city, navigating a double diagnosis of Autism, and figuring out how to make it work.  Every day.

The Players:
Miss Erin. Me. The Mom.
Yogi Dad. The Dad.
Lincoln. Lincolnton. Baby A.
Wyatt. Wy. Baby B.
Judah. Judah Buddha. Judah the Tank.
Silas.  El Pequito. El Blanco. Si Guy.