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Judah’s first movie

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We are 2!

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We turned 2. We still don’t know what to make of presents and birthday but we sure do like toys and cake

In other news Judah went for his first spin on the Johnny Jump up. He can’t wait to get big like his brothers

Our visit to the mean streets of Dutton

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We had a great visit to see my Gandparents in Dutton. The boys got a lot of fresh country air and more sweets than they could handle from my Grandma.

Anyone who has met my Grandmother knows how much she likes sweets. I think she met her match with the boys. Here, Lincoln is crawling around on the table scrounging for cake frosting.

Great picture of Grandma and Judah

My Grandparents and my boys. I’m so glad we were able to get to Dutton. It meant a lot to my Grandparents and to me.

Judah and his mommy. This is the same part of my Grandparents yard where my brothers, cousins and I would shoot Grandpa’s guns.

The boys hanging out with their cousin Ike. Dutton can be kind of rough so its always good to have a weapon handy.


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We had a great vacation out west visiting lots of new people. Dad will post the Dutton pics soon. These are the pics of our visit to Aunt Judy, Uncle Mike in Missoula and Uncle Jake in Spokane.

Judah soaked up a lot of adulation

The boys playing nicely with each other at the Missoula Childrens Museum

Huckleberry ice cream at the Big Dipper, a Missoula Institution.

At the carousel. The boys became very accomplished riders.

Watch out for that Grizzly!

Lincoln dominating Uncle Jake

This is dad’s baby brother?

Classic Jake. Spokane County Sherrif’s office in the background

A Star is Born

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Lincoln really came out of his shell yesterday

Judah Michael

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On August 4th, 2010, we got the newest addition to our family, Judah Michael. He is a very handsome boy who came in at 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. Mom and he are both doing very well although Mom is very tired due to Judah being much more interested in nursing than his brothers were. We could not be happier. It was just as exciting as when we had the boys. I cannot wait to watch this little man and his brothers grow up.



He did meet his brothers yesterday and reactions were mixed. Wyatt gave him a big kiss and was very interested in him. He wanted to touch the baby’s eyes and Wyatt even made a fist and pushed it against Judah’s face (I am sure in the future he will be much less gentle with this). Lincoln didn’t want anything to do with his baby brother. He just pushed him away and was content to foucs on his goodnight gorilla book (it needs to be mentioned, that this is a book Judah “bought” for his older brother to grease the wheels so to speak).
Also want to let my wife know she did a great job bringing this baby into the world and a great job bring our older sons into the world and I love her so much.

Boys will be boys

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We all had a great weekend with Uncle Mike. The boys had a great time wrestling with Uncle Mike and he was a great sport.

Unfortunately, we had to replace the hard drive on our computer but we will load more pics after Mr. Wonderful installs everything again.

Office Work

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The boys got a new “laptop” this weekend and Lincoln was very eager to get some office work done. We have no idea where he gets that from (Grandpa C)

Here Lincoln is checking his email

He is super happy here because he just failed somebody

The only bad part about the job is having your supervisor (Wyatt) always looking over your shoulder.

Little Yogis

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We like to practice yoga with our dad. As you can see we are super advanced.

Daddy’s Boys

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The Force is strong with these boys. Their cousin Henry was kind of enough to loan the boys his light saber and it brought back alot of memories for dad. They also managed not to use the light saber on each other. Big plus.