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Run Run Run Run Runaway

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I just want to write.

Every night as my head hits the pillow, my eyes blink open and that thought flashes across my mind. I just want to write. But when? How? What do I even write about? I do not usually write often, I usually play videogames with elo boosting services.

Brain dump!

I’m in the deep end of the parenting pool, and I’m treading water like crazy. Everyone is so loud. Everyone needs me all of the time. Yesterday I actually told my kids that I was going to run away and never come back. And for a few minutes, I think I actually meant it. We aren’t far enough into summer for me to be losing my grip here. Don’t even get me started on the state of my house.

There is a lot of energy in my house. My almost 6-year old is without his best friend Monday-Thursday, and spends the day antagonizing everyone from dawn til dusk. There is not enough coffee in the world to enable me to start the day on the right foot with him. I do not do mornings well to begin with, and I dread getting up when I hear him downstairs at 6am. Which is in itself a problem- 6am?! It’s summer, we have nowhere to be in the mornings. Why must my kids get up at 6am?

My 2-year old just figured out how to climb out of his crib, so naps and bedtimes are a nightmare, and we are suddenly back into up-all-night sleep deprivation mode. I was completely spoiled by the ability to put him in his crib, let him snuggle in and be awake for awhile, and then fall asleep on his own. Now we are all rocking and shushing, and sitting in front of the crib and putting him back when he climbs out. Did I mention he is still nursing? He’s still nursing. We’ve been trying to wean for a good year at this point and although I think we are close, I’m completely over it.

My 7-year olds are (as usual) the easier of the four to keep entertained during the day, mostly because there are endless screenplays to read on the internet, and the yoga balls are in abundance. Easy if you ignore the fact that one of them likes to dump all of my jewelry out and drag it all over the house, and the other one won’t wear pants. Easy if you ignore the fact that we are all on constant lockdown because they are an elopement risk and my biggest fear is one of them leaving and me not being able to track them down and/or catch up to them. But they aren’t yelling at me at 6am, so that goes a long way.

We wrapped up all spring sports and activities! Newsflash: much to my surprise, I am not cut out to be a sports mom. I have zero patience for watching games, and even less patience for chasing my other kids around parks and fields while their sibling plays. I also really like not having things scheduled at night. Maybe it’s good none of them like hockey.

Speaking of sports moms, I got to witness another mom walk out onto the field during a game to yell at MY KID for throwing sand. Of course every other kid was also throwing sand at the time (this is T-Ball after all), mine just happened to throw sand at her kid. Asher’s Mom- Your face is seared into my brain.

We spent approximately 10% of our income on various car repairs and major appliance replacements in May. So that was fun. I’m never getting a new couch.

My 5-year old took it upon himself to open up a can of paint, and proceed to paint on our walls, and his wood pallet frame of his bed when I allowed him to stay home while Yogi Dad was on a conference call (home, but not supervising). I guess I need to actually get the painting done this summer. Anyone like to paint?

We finally figured out what our upstairs ceiling was made of. The weird ceiling that when we bought the house we told the realtor we would eventually replace because it’s weird, and ugly? ASBESTOS. The ceiling is made from asbestos. Because OF COURSE IT IS. I guess we just paint over it and live with it, because we probably aren’t going to be replacing it anytime soon. Shouldn’t that have been in the truth in sale of housing documents? It feels like that might be important information.

Another important piece of information that we recently learned was the fact that the teacher hired from Spain to teach in my 5-year old’s brand new Spanish dual immersion program last year, was a gym teacher when he taught in Spain. Nothing against gym teachers, but I think we can all agree that this was a major oversight on the hiring team. He was not a general education teacher. He was not a dual immersion teacher. He was not a kindergarten teacher. I’m not sure how many times I asked what he taught, but it was never specifically stated, and the answer always led me to believe that he just taught a grade other than kindergarten. Of course, I didn’t learn this information until we had already pulled our kids from the school for next year, partially due to the fact that the Spanish immersion experience had been so poor. I am disappointed on so many levels. But mostly I fear that we wasted my son’s entire kindergarten year. We put a lot of faith in the district and our administrators that this was going to be great. We knew it would be hard starting a new program, but we trusted that it would work out. It was a total fail.

(Now I’m just sitting here angry. Think Lovely Thoughts!)

Libraries. Dude. I finally updated my card and I’m newly obsessed with working on my To-Read list without feeding my Amazon addiction. The best thing so far is the audio books. I spend way too much time doing dishes every day, and listening to something I want to read is making those hours feel like less of a loss. Also: podcasts. I’m sorry I ever turned my nose up at the podcasters at the blogging conferences!

Ice Cream. This is the summer of ice cream. Northeast Minneapolis needs a good ice cream shop, it sounds like we have donuts figured out, but our ice cream options are lacking. In the meantime we are eating our weight in DQ.

Neighborhood pools- best invention ever.

My gardens are really coming along, there wasn’t much here when we bought the house, and we have since removed all of the shrubs and replaced with perennials, so it’s a work in progress. If I like it, I stick it in the dirt, so there isn’t much rhyme or reason to what is happening there, but now that things have had a year or two to establish, I can see where we need to move things around a bit.

Our summer is pretty well stocked with fun things to do. I hope the boys enjoy our daytrips and vacations. I hope that I can enjoy them and not just be constantly stressed. Cross your fingers for me?
Aaaannnd we’re back to negative, so I’m going to stop right there for now.




Imagine this…

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You drive for 12 hours with 3 children and finally pull into the motel (we’re not fancy) where you will be spending the night.

You check in only to find there are no cribs.

Although not thrilled, you figure this is just for a night, you just need a place to sleep before you get back on the road at 4am to continue your journey.

You pile your brood into your room, unplug the phone (because they all LOVE to play with the phone) settle everyone down with milk and a movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and you start the process of getting everyone to sleep.

You are bone tired. Because you were up until 2:00am packing, awake for the day at 3:30 and on the road by 4:21am. Then you drove for 12 hours. With 3 kids and a DVD player that crapped out after one viewing of Kung Fu Panda (RCA you are on notice).

No one wants to settle down. They don’t want to sleep in their sleeping bags. They don’t want to sleep in the beds. They don’t want to cuddle in a chair. They don’t want to read books. They don’t want a snack. They don’t want to do anything except run around like a herd of wild animals, they want to play with the safe and dismantle the heating unit, climb on the desk and chase each other around, screaming the alphabet at each other at the top of their lungs, destroying the room while you contemplate your next move.

When the 16 month old pushes a chair over to the door and manages to unlock the lock, the deadbolt and the chain lock…things start to get iffy.

After just a few hours, you pack it all up and check out.

I was worried the person working the desk was going to think we pulled off the highway for a quickie (Really, who holes up in motel rooms for just a few hours?) when in fact we were just so desperate for sleep we would choose to sleep in our car and forfeit the cost of the room.

We knew if we got the boys contained in their carseats they would be asleep within minutes and we could pull into a rest stop and sleep in the car. At this point, sleeping with my face pressed against the cold car window seemed like a much better plan than waiting for the boys to escape or break something.

So, last night, after we got back on the road and the boys were all sawing logs in the back, we found a nice rest stop and promptly fell asleep. Two hours later we woke up. Not bad.

At almost 1 am, it was just us, some truckers and a big tour bus full of soldiers (vets on their way home from Iraq, just in time for Christmas).

We got back on the road, driving and then stopping when we needed a cat nap. Of course the boys all slept a good 10 hours each. Little punks.

We arrived safe and sound at Yogi Dad’s parents and couldn’t be happier to be here. We have never been here for Christmas in almost 10 years of marriage (Yogi Dad hasn’t been home for Christmas since 1999). That is what a lifetime of retail serves up- no traveling at the holidays.

Over the river and through the woods indeed.

Are you running into obstacles in getting to your destination this Christmas?

It Was a Good House.

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On Halloween, they finally closed on my Grandpa’s house. It’s been a long time coming, but it was still very hard to say goodbye. On Sunday I stopped there to take pictures on my way to my Moms to pick up the boys. I didn’t expect it to be nearly as emotional for me as it was.

It’s *just* a house!

But, it was the place where a lot of happy things happened and although there are no recent memories there, there are lots of memories from the past.

Grandpa's House

My Grandpa built this house. First the basement, and then the main floor. While the main floor was being built my Grandma and Grandpa lived downstairs.

Outdoor lights

This lamp makes me think of all the times we would be there late at night after Christmas or Thanksgiving (or any other family function). Everyone with their cars running outside, telling everyone that they found the Britains Cheapest Motor Trade Insurer,  kids already in their pajamas with their coats on, waiting to be whisked through the biting cold the waiting cars. It also housed a few Easter eggs on occasion.

Pine Tree

This tree was the tree my sister and I hid under (it was shorter 25 years ago) after I dared her to call 911. She called, said into the phone “I broke my leg! I broke my leg” and hung up. We went on our way, playing outside and then a cop car pulled up. Yeah…not our best idea.

Such a perfect little 1940's touch

This might be my favorite thing about the house. A little built-in cabinet between the kitchen and dining room. I always thought it was so fancy and I still kind of adore the textured green glass in the doors.

Big Backyard

The backyard. It seems to go in every direction and it goes really far back, lots of trees. There used to be a little shed back there full of Boy Scout stuff. We’d play in the back and look in the darkened windows and it always seemed so scary to me. I know it was just a bunch of canvas tents, but we were never allowed to go in there so it was scary.

Who knows what will happen to the house. The city bought it, so it will probably be torn down at some point. It’s sad, the little neighborhood is full of homes just like this and they’ll all probably be bought up by the city and paved over with who knows what.

I’ll miss it.

*Thanks for the tip on this song Rhema’s mom!

Thymes Warehouse Sale! {Oct. 6-8}

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Thymes Candle

I LOVE this sale and I used to go every year.  I haven’t made it in 3 years though so I am super pumped to be going with my mom today.  Everything is deeply discounted and on Saturday everything gets marked down again. Awesome.

Thymes Warehouse Sale
Thursday, Oct. 6 to Saturday, Oct. 8
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday
63 Saint Anthony Parkway in Minneapolis

Up to The Lake

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Every Summer we head up to the lake to partake in the normal lake activities. Swimming. Eating. Hanging out.

Every year I take a picture of the boys doing one specific thing: walking down the path to the lake.

4th of July weekend 2009 (8 months):

4th of July 2010 (20 months old):

And Labor Day weekend 2011 (33 months and 13 months):

It was so cold, there was no swimming and we stayed just long enough to take our pics and eat our picnic lunch.  But I did get my pictures.  (We stopped at the Walleye in Garrison too- a must-do for Minnesota kids who grow up going Up North to The Lake on weekends.)

I love seeing the changes from year to year. The first year, just the twins sitting in the grass, facing away from the camera. Two years later, three boys running every which way! It’s a pretty good glimpse of our life right now- crazy.

As I was digging for the pics from 2009 and 2010 I was scrolling through my old posts. It’s interesting to look back through the old blog and see what was happening a year ago, two years ago. I wrote this post in 2009 about how I felt like a fake mom and I think this is still kind of true.

Do you ever feel like you’re faking it? When does that go away? Does it ever go away?! Here come the shameless plugs: I have lots of places you can find me when I’m not here: Twitter! Facebook! StarTribune.com! Following on Google Friend Connect is always welcome and if you Stumble my posts because you think they are made of The Awesome, well, I might just love you forever.

Putting Down the Phone

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Way back on New Year’s Day 2009 I remember having a conversation on Facebook with a friend about texting while driving and the new Minnesota law going into effect that would make texting while driving illegal in Minnesota. At the time I had a simple phone and only texted on the rarest of occasions. For me it was a no-brainer. It was simply out of the question. Of course, if you asked my husband, I was lucky if my phone was charged (or in my purse) on most days, so it was also a non-issue.

Fast forward a few years and I am connected to my phone pretty much 24/7, well, maybe not when I’m asleep. But, the moment I had a smart phone in my possession, my world changed. I spent hours a day nursing my son with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs and watch PBS while my boys played quietly at my feet (or something to that effect) and soon my eyes were opened up with Twitter, Facebook and every other app I could find to connect me to the world with the push of a button. I was fully immersed in social media within weeks. I enjoy being connected.

Except when I am driving.

I hardly ever talk on the phone in the car. Sitting parked in a parking lot? Yes. Pulled over on the side of the road? Sure. When I was being followed on my way home from work late one night and frantically called 911? Obviously an exception! Texting, checking email (even at stop-lights!) never even crosses my mind.  Feeling the urge to dig through my purse for a ringing phone makes me cringe.  I know I shouldn’t do it.

But, it happens.  Even if I can’t think of too many reasons worth the risks of answering a phone or making a call when I should be paying attention to the road. I think we also like to think that distracted driving is a curse of the young, but  judging by the way that minivan in front of me (with the phone glued to the left ear of the driver) is drifting all over the road, it’s a problem across the board.

So, I’m trying to up my game.

I’m taking the Phone Down, Eyes Up Challenge with Anna at Motherly Law. I will turn my phone off. I will put my purse in the backseat so I am not tempted to pull it out. If I need to pull over to make a call, I will pull over.  Does this add a little time to my drive?  Sure.  Is that call from my husband asking me how my day is going worth the risk to myself and everyone around me? No.

So what do you think?  Can you give up your phone while you are driving?  Will you take the challenge?  What would you be willing to risk losing to keep that phone in your hand and your eyes on the screen instead of the road?

Now I drive a Minivan.

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In 2004 we bought a car. The second car we’d ever purchased together. The first we purchased on our terms, when we weren’t in desperate need of a car because ours had died. We saw a sale, we had a trade-in, we went and got ourselves a new car.

It was a Saturn Vue.

We loved that car.

It took us back and forth to Minnesota when we were moving from Missouri.

It took us east to Virginia, both before and after we had kids. The worst leg of a road trip ever was spent in it when we were stopped in traffic for an hour because of an accident heading into Louisville with no more water, no more bottles and two screaming 11 month olds who wanted to eat. The first thing we did when we found an exit was stop to get water and then stop to get beer for when we got to the hotel. It was the longest 60 minutes of my life.

We drove west to Montana with three kids and although the seating was a bit more cramped than it was when it was just the two of us, we still had room to add a few more things on our trip home.

It was the family car.

But, it died. Unexpectedly. And with gusto.

It didn’t just die, it died hard. And all at once.

So, we had to bite the bullet. We had to get another car. We had to look at…minivans.

Now, I am not necessarily a minivan person. I liked the Vue. It was compact but it fit everyone and all of our stuff, even if it was tight.

But, the siren song of the minivan is hard to deny.

More space! Smoother ride! A place for all of your kids and their friends! And did we mention SPACE?!

So we went looking.

We did some research and were priced out of our top 2 choices pretty quickly (Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey) our third choice was the Chrysler Town and Country and our 4th choice was the Dodge Grand Caravan.

We found a few we wanted to look at, nailed down the dealerships we were going to, pulled our Carfax reports and went on our way.

The one we really wanted, the one that looked so perfect on paper ended up being a dud. It only had seating for 6, all captains seats and there is no way our stroller would have fit in the back. Boo. I’m not sure how this is possible, it’s a minivan…where is all the space?

We looked at a few more and then finally found one we can live with. It has a few more miles than we originally wanted, but not too many more. It has the 3rd row bench seat and 4 captains chairs. It’s got the Stow & Go seating which is pretty cool. It’s got the doors that open automatically which wasn’t on my list but I guess is a plus. And, it was lower than our price range, so huge plus.

It has more space than the T&C, but seriously….unless I drop the seats into the floor I’m not seeing the extra cargo room (and if you do that you lose that under seat space, so it’s kind of a draw). Yes, it has more space in the passenger area. It will be a lot easier to ride in on long trips for sure. I’ll give it that. But, with three kids in carseats, I kind of have to have all my seats up. So where is all of this extra space?

Do I like the minivan we got? Yes. I think it will end up being a great car for us. I’m not knocking this purchase at all. I think it was necessary and I think we made some good decisions. Plus I have the contact from  All Tune & Lube  repair shop, so the future repair don’t worry me at all.

I thought I was going to have this big a-ha moment ofBut, I’m feeling really underwhelmed.

“OMG I can’t believe we’ve lived without this for so long!

And I’m not.

Certainly I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Are they going to come take my Mom card now?

Did you say chocolate?

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Image from www.chocolatebonavita.com

Last Saturday night a group of Bloggers and Tweeters got together to taste some chocolate.  This wasn’t your mother’s chocolate though.  This was award winning artisan chocolate from around the world.

Now, I like to think of myself as a chocolate connoisseur.  I’ve always liked dark over milk and never, ever under any circumstances *white*.  I have tried both of the local brands (BT McElrath and Rogue) and I will skip a 2lb bag of M&M’s in favor of a fancy 6oz bar dusted with Sea Salt…and make it last for weeks.

That said, I eat my fair share of candy.  I like candy.  I’m not above grabbing a Peanut Butter Twix while waiting for my turn to pay at Target.  Maybe a 3 Musketeers Truffle Bar….or two.

But Saturday night…Saturday night was all about good chocolate. 

Really good chocolate.

The kind where you can let a one inch square melt on your tongue and not have a need for another piece.

Bona Vita is a small company in the Twin Cities who’s passion is to promote ethically produced, delicious chocolate.  Something that is often very difficult to find here.  They strive to educate likeminded chocolate lovers and provide them a place to purchase and enjoy these tantilizing treats.

Bona Vita is bringing their knowledge and passion for chocolate to the Twin Cities through small and large group tastings and seminars where they do a presentation and walk you through different high end chocolates.

Our presentation was quite thorough.

Did you know that the majority of cacao beans are produced on farms that are 5 acres or less?  Even the chocolate that is mass produced (think Hershey’s) starts out on a small farm.  Did you know that most cacao bean farmers have never tasted the finished product?  How do you produce the best product if you don’t know what you are aiming for in the end?  did you know that the majority of cacao beans are produced for quantity and heartiness as opposed to taste? 

There are some small artisan chocolate companies based around the world who are trying to bring back the best the cacao bean has to offer.  They are cultivating the Criollo plant (the best most aromatic and most rare cacao plant) and working with the farmers from step one so they can be part of the process from the ground up.  They are changing the way the world (at least some of the world) looks at chocolate.

We started with a roasted Criollo cacao bean.  Never in my life have I had a whole cacao bean.  Maybe some cacao nibs in a Nibby Bar, but never a whole roasted bean.  I expected the taste to rival that of a coffee bean.

It was delicious, and quite unlike a coffee bean.  Nutty and rich and smooth at the same time.  No bitterness and just a hint of sweetness to finish.

From their we moved on to a  Slitti– Grancacao 90% from Central America.  At 90% it has very little processing and starts out a bit on the bitter end, as you might suspect, and then mellows right at the end. 

After that shock of chocolate we were given a piece of  mass produced chocolate of unspecified cacao content…it didn’t even taste like chocolate.  It felt grainy on the tongue and left me feeling like I was missing out.  For this dark chocolate loving girl, the let down was pretty extreme.

We moved on to a chocolate produced in Seattle, the Theo– Jane Goodall 45% from Central America.  Theo is the first Fair Trade, organic chocolate company in the United States.  If Theo could overtake Hershey’s, we would all be much better off.

After Theo, we moved back to a brand we had just been introduced to moments before: Slitti.  The Slitti- Lattenero 51% from South America.  Lattenero means Black Milk and this piece aims to please both the dark and milk chocolate lovers of the world and is quite good.

Next up was L’Artigiano- Extra fondente alSale Solce di Cervia, min. 54% from Ecuador.  If I could eat this one chocolate for the rest of my life, i would be one happy woman.  The salt hits your tongue and the sweet and the….My eyes about rolled back in my skull this was so good.  My favorite of the night

The Amano– Madagascar, min. 70% from Africa was next.  It’s amazing how different chocolate can taste with just a change in location of where the beans are grown.  No need to add nuts or fruit or caramel here.  The fruitiness of this really shines through on it’s own.

Last, but certainly not least (I think Yogi Dad starred this as his favorite of the night) was the Domori- Teyuna, min. 70% from Columbia.  Silky, slow melting, pure pleasure.

After we had finished out plate of chocolate I expected to feel like I needed to be rolled out of there, but I wanted to keep going.  Sadly, the evening was coming to a close.

We toasted with some champagne and left with a head full of excitement.  Who knew a night spent learning could be so much fun?

Bona Vita has a Friday night Happy Hour from 4-6pm at the Italian Cultural Center located in the Hennepin Center for the Arts, Suite 502. 

I can’t think of a better way to end a work week.

If you are interested, please check out Bona Vita on Facebook and their website where you can learn more about upcoming events and classes!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend this tasting class by Life with Levi and I am so glad I went.  I think my tweets Saturday night are proof that I was blown away by this experience.  Obviously, as always, all opinions here are mine.

First Skate.

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I think it’s been well documented that I have been waiting for my boys to be old enough to don skates since before we even knew they were boys.  Or that there were two of them for that matter.  When we were still oblivious to Baby B, we called our baby “Little Yzerman”.  It was a nod to my love of the Red Wings and all things hockey.  All my hopes for a son to one day play the game.  When we found out there were two, we called our little tag team Little Yzerman and Gordie Howe.  Again with the Red Wings….

Yesterday, we finally, FINALLY, got those boys out on skates.  Now say what you want, but 2 year olds on skates are damn near the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

And yes, I am aware that they are dressed in Minnesota Wild jerseys.  I suppose I have a lifetime to convert them, but they are Minnesotans born and bred will wear Wild until they can make their own choice in the matter.  Unless of course some Red and White makes an appearance…

So moving on….

After getting everyone, including judah dressed for our big hockey day, Yogi Dad and i headed out with Grandpa and the boys.  Grandpa E had a rink picked out and we drove over.  The parking lot is empty but for one car.  From the road you can see the snow covering the ice…this isn’t looking good.  Upon further exploration we found there was a small patch, maybe 20’x30′ of ice, shoveled off. 

Perfect.  Not a soul to get in the way of teetering tots or Moms (and Dads) with cameras.  We didn’t need a lot of room, we just wanted to get them up and on their feet.  Skates to ice.  The winter seems to be flying by.

We plopped the boys one by one into the back of Grandpa’s SUV and push on their skates.  They’ve gotten a bit tight since Christmas.  Boys grow fast apprently!  First Wyatt, then Lincoln.  We had to pulloff Lincolns socks to get his feet in the boot.  I worried about frostbitten toes and cold feet but was ensured they would be quite warm and it would be better to really feel the skate.  It was only for a little bit, so I let him go, sans socks.

We carry the boys over to the ice with their sticks and a puck and set them down.  First Wyatt, then Lincoln.

Wyatt pulls out his Broken Leg Syndrome and turns into a pile of noodles as soon as we touch the ice.  He instead scoots around on his knees picking up the biggest pieces of snow he can find.  He’s happy, we’re happy. 

Lincoln though…Lincoln sticks with it.

He keeps his feet under his body.  He keeps his balance.  He even takes a few strides all by himself.

We were all pretty amazed by that.  All of the balancing on the edges of furniture and tables and steps is going to come in handy I can see.

All told we only stayed out maybe 20 minutes.  Wyatt played  and Lincoln was pushed around and taunted into taking a few more steps. 

It was 20 minutes many people have been waiting for, for quite a long time.

And Lincoln’s toes were plenty warm when we took off his skates.

When did we become senior citizens?

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Yogi Dad and I like to go out to dinner.  We like to go out and get drinks.  We forgo gifts on special occasions and birthdays so we can treat ourselves when we  want to try something new, or in this case, revisit an old favorite.  I’m sure there will be fewer nice dinners out now that we are down one income, so it’s important to me that we enjoy ourselves when we do get to go out.

Last Saturday we had to cancel our Valentine’s Day reservations because I was still getting over the sick and I wanted to be able to taste my food, we were going out for sushi.  I like my sushi served at a restaurant, often at the sushi bar, I am not a fan of grocery store sushi.  This puts sushi on the speciallist for us, it’s not a weekly or even monthly occurrence.  For years, Valentine’s Day meant sushi, except last year, when I was so sick and pregnant I couldn’t think about eating anything, let alone raw fish.

Our favorite, and you can say what you will about it, is Fuji Ya in Uptown.  I think  the quality rivals anyplace in the Twin Cities and the service is second to none.

Friday we had our first teacher conferences at the boys school and since we already had my Mom there to watch the boys, we decided to head out early and get a drink before our reservations.  For some reason we always end up eating way to early, like 5 or 6.  I don’t know if it’s because we are parents or what.  This time we made reservations for a respectable adult hour- 7pm.  We left home, headed across the river to Uptown and attempted to find a place to park and get a drink.

There are lots of places to get drink in Uptown.  This should have been easy.  I had a list of places that would have been completely acceptable that I gleaned from my Twitter friends. 

But then my social anxiety set in.  Parking was a pain in the ass down every street we turned.  I was having a particularly crappy hair day, I didn’t want to be late for our 7pm reservation…so we just went to Fuji Ya.  You can see where this is going.

We thought we’d get some drinks first, but the sushi bar was all but empty, taunting us.  So we just sat there.  And ordered a ton of sushi, had a few drinks, paid our check, ate a last minute dessert whipped up by our sushi chef, and left. 

We were in our car by 6:58.

Senior. Citizens.