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Imagine this…

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You drive for 12 hours with 3 children and finally pull into the motel (we’re not fancy) where you will be spending the night.

You check in only to find there are no cribs.

Although not thrilled, you figure this is just for a night, you just need a place to sleep before you get back on the road at 4am to continue your journey.

You pile your brood into your room, unplug the phone (because they all LOVE to play with the phone) settle everyone down with milk and a movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and you start the process of getting everyone to sleep.

You are bone tired. Because you were up until 2:00am packing, awake for the day at 3:30 and on the road by 4:21am. Then you drove for 12 hours. With 3 kids and a DVD player that crapped out after one viewing of Kung Fu Panda (RCA you are on notice).

No one wants to settle down. They don’t want to sleep in their sleeping bags. They don’t want to sleep in the beds. They don’t want to cuddle in a chair. They don’t want to read books. They don’t want a snack. They don’t want to do anything except run around like a herd of wild animals, they want to play with the safe and dismantle the heating unit, climb on the desk and chase each other around, screaming the alphabet at each other at the top of their lungs, destroying the room while you contemplate your next move.

When the 16 month old pushes a chair over to the door and manages to unlock the lock, the deadbolt and the chain lock…things start to get iffy.

After just a few hours, you pack it all up and check out.

I was worried the person working the desk was going to think we pulled off the highway for a quickie (Really, who holes up in motel rooms for just a few hours?) when in fact we were just so desperate for sleep we would choose to sleep in our car and forfeit the cost of the room.

We knew if we got the boys contained in their carseats they would be asleep within minutes and we could pull into a rest stop and sleep in the car. At this point, sleeping with my face pressed against the cold car window seemed like a much better plan than waiting for the boys to escape or break something.

So, last night, after we got back on the road and the boys were all sawing logs in the back, we found a nice rest stop and promptly fell asleep. Two hours later we woke up. Not bad.

At almost 1 am, it was just us, some truckers and a big tour bus full of soldiers (vets on their way home from Iraq, just in time for Christmas).

We got back on the road, driving and then stopping when we needed a cat nap. Of course the boys all slept a good 10 hours each. Little punks.

We arrived safe and sound at Yogi Dad’s parents and couldn’t be happier to be here. We have never been here for Christmas in almost 10 years of marriage (Yogi Dad hasn’t been home for Christmas since 1999). That is what a lifetime of retail serves up- no traveling at the holidays.

Over the river and through the woods indeed.

Are you running into obstacles in getting to your destination this Christmas?

Day 5.

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Sunday morning we had some family over to Ryon and TJ’s for a little brunch and gift opening action. Everyone was very tired, some more than others (Auntie Jenna…). Mom made some awesome food when she got back from the reception the night before so we all ate pretty well, Grandma even gave Wyatt a taste of the sweet syrup off the tip of her fork. After that he couldn’t take his eyes off the fork!

After brunch we hit the road. The trip home always seems so long! It was a long weekend filled with absolutely no schedule. By the last night the boys were getting up every couple of hours so we were all very ready to end the trip and head home. The drive back wasn’t the best. We drove through a nice thunder storm and the boys had a hard time eating on the road. They did sleep most of the way this time, but we were all very very happy to hit Minneapolis. Thankfully the first night back brought semi-regular sleep for the boys.

Our last morning in KC.

We make this trip again at the end of May for another wedding. Maybe next time it will be a little less chaotic. Mom and Dad are really glad to have their first road trip with us under their belts.

Day 4.

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Saturday we had a long day ahead of us so Mom let us sleep in a bit before she had to go with the other girls to get her hair done. After that it was another busy day getting ready for the wedding. We got all dressed up in our best clothes- we even wore pants that didn’t have snaps up the legs, “real big boy” pants Mom called them.

We went to the wedding and sat in the front row to see Auntie Ryon and Uncle TJ get married, it was really something. We tried really hard to be nice and quiet but Wyatt started to fuss about halfway through. After the wedding we went back to Aunties house and had our first non-family member babysitters ever- Sandy and Dennis. They were awesome. They even texted their daughter an update during the reception to let Mom and Dad know how things were going. Mom and Dad felt very good knowing they had such nice people watching us!

Day 3.

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Friday Mom, Grandma and the Aunties went to get their nails done for the wedding so Dad was on his own with us. Grandpa, Beth and Sam joined us for lunch at Dad’s favorite KC joint- Jazz! It was so good we had to take Mom back on Saturday before the wedding.

After Mom was done getting her nails painted a lovely shade of red we all went swimming in the pool. It was colder than we were used to so we didn’t stay in too long. Wyatt got a faceful of salty water so he did not enjoy it as much as I did! Poor Wyatt. The best part was laying on the lounge chairs wrapped up in towels after we got out.

Day 2.

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Thursday we headed East to Columbia, home of the Tigers.

We met up with Mom’s friend Beth and her three (THREE!!!) little boys for lunch at Flat Branch Brewery before we took a whirlwind tour of the town.

We tried to get pics by the columns but the quad was all roped off to get the grass ready for graduation. Mom tried to get Dad to thumb his nose at authority and bring the boys up to the columns anyway but he wouldn’t. Seriously, who’s afraid of the landscape police?

Then we met Bob at Booches for a couple burgers. Mom and Dad could have eaten a couple more, they were THAT good. Oh Booches, how we miss you and our Tuesday nights.

One more stop to Mom’s favorite bar, the Berg where she came to the conclusion that it’s just not the same with a double stroller.

The Tiger track exit…almost there!

We love visiting Columbia and wish we could have stayed longer. Maybe one day we’ll have a reason to visit more often…hint hint. We’ve got two, hopefully ONE of them decides to attend our Alma mater!

Kansas City or Bust!

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Wednesday afternoon we hit the road for Kansas City! We had one stop for shots and we handled that pretty well. Mom and Dad had some lunch on the way out of town and we got down to business figuring out what to do with these new contraptions strapped to our car seats. It was a fairly uneventful ride until we hit the Missouri border, then we cried the entire way to Auntie’s house. It was a tough leg of the trip.



The temp leaving Minneapolis- 77!!!
It wasn’t that warm when we returned.

I don’t know why but we always comment on the little Italian village we pass off of I35 AKA the Barilla factory.
I know, lame. but what else are you going to do to keep yourself occupied driving through Iowa?

Babies have lots of stuff.

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Packing for them could be a full time job. At least we can just dupilcate everything. It’s not like they don’t sell this stuff in KC if we run out…right?

Camper of the Year.

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Well that was a surprise.

Stanley was actually good.

He slept well in the tent. He swam in the lake. He was good both off and on his leash. He was a cuddle bucket by the fire. He blew everyone away with his goodness. Seriously, we are all in shock.

There was no crazy barking naked dog that we know so well at home. He was a good listener, stayed calm and it never crossed my mind that we might have to pull up stakes and hit the road at midnight.

He did give a little attitude to the Urbanites who would run or walk by our little homestead- kind of funny considering.

You Might Call Me Crazy.

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If you see a small SUV drive by the big fish in Garrison with a tent halfway torn down tied to the top, that is us.

Stanley is going on his first camping trip. Let’s hope he doesn’t get carried off by mosquito’s.

Back to Life. Back to Reality.

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Well, it’s been awhile.

We’ve returned from our westbound journey and after finishing up my work week I have to say I need a break.

The house, which we thought looked decent enough when we left is covered in a veil of cat hair. Apparently Audrey and Henry are nervous shedders. When we arrived home after our 18 hour drive yearning to fall into bed we found a blanket of white covering the quilts. Nice. And also, yuck.

The cats haven’t quite forgiven us for leaving them- they weren’t alone the entire time, but apparently they are scarred for life. At least that’s what I’m getting from the tone in which they continue to berate me. They will get over it I hope.

Stanly only lost about 2 pounds this trip. Yeah! Last time it was over 3 and he had horrible bowel issues upon our return. He is slowly coming around after another disappointing trip to the vet to be boarded.

I don’t know how much I will post about the trip. It was good. It was busy. I’m glad the first three days were spent sitting at Grandma’s kitchen table catching up on family gossip and eating turkey.

Seriously, Grandma gossip is the best.