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Can we pretend that didn’t happen?

As predicted, the mohawk and terry-stache were both gone.

That was sufficient.

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Biggest home loss in almost 50 years.

I’ll take it!

Just get here!

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I cannot wait for the MU/NU game to start. Seriously, I think once we have kick-off I’ll relax a little but the waiting is killing me. We haven’t won in Lincoln since 1978 and even though they are unranked and lost to Virginia Tech last week and we’re ranked 4th I still have it in the back of my mind that things could fall apart for us.

Then again, we did beat them pretty badly last year. And every one is giving us the edge- even the papers in Omaha. Really, the only thing they have is the home field advantage. Can that possibly be enough to stop MU?

Three games and no post?

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What has happened?

I guess it doesn’t help that our games have been Pay-Per-View (WTF?) I think next week we get some coverage, just in time for conference play.

So, quick recap:

We beat Illinois- ESPN is so in love with the Big 10 they barely notice when the team they are waxing poetic about is losing nearly the entire game. I thought maybe after last year we’d get a little recognition, but it’s not meant to be

We beat SEMO- not even going to go here

We beat Nevada- I stayed home during this game, felt like crap and wasn’t about to go sit with alumni while the kids were making me miserable. It was an ass kicking that is for sure

So, 3-0, good start.

I have delayed buying the babies their MU coming home outfits because I fear they will be too small with their rapid growth as of late. I guess I could just get the next size up but I don’t want them to be drowning in them if they aren’t gigantic like everyone thinks they are going to be. We’ll see. I can’t wait to have our two little Tiger’s out to watch games with us!

I love Gary Pinkel.

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Seriously, I do not want to go here.


Ack! I already missed a day.

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I seriously planned on writing something last night and then I got all caught up in celebrating Missouri’s 4th place finish in the final AP poll and then I went to work.

So there it is- who’s laughing now?

4th place.

Ahead of KU…OU…Illinois

All 5 juniors eligible for the NFL will be returning next year.

It’s gonna be a good year, I can feel it.

Now I’m off to bed.

I picked up 4 reusable bags at Target this morning, so I guess I’ll have to find something else to dream about today.

My resolution is to bring fewer bags into the house. It takes some getting used to- bringing your own. I usually remember I have them when I’m in the checkout line at Lunds. I’m going to keep them in my car now.

I know I’d never be able to eliminate ALL bags or even all PLASTIC bags because lets be realistic, but I can make an effort. We’ll see how it goes.

2008 Cotton Bowl Champs!

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Quite the blow out if you ask me. I’m not sure what the buzz about the SEC speed was and how our little Big 12 team might not be able to handle it was all about…because Arkansas didn’t do a damn thing today. Nice season Mizzou. 12-2, a school record 12 wins. Way to go.

Please be my Nebraska, not my Oklahoma.

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So I’m in school (MU if you hadn’t figured that out) and I am just hanging on by a thread here with Geology. I hate this class. I hate that I failed this midterm once before which is the reason I have an incomplete in the first place. Now it’s time to take this damn thing again. This time there are a lot fewer questions, but I still have doubts as to my ability to actually pass it.

Taking exams through CDIS is no picnic either:

1. Choose a proctor.
2. Request an exam.
3. Wait.
4. Proctor denied- this is MAILED to you, so not timely at all.
5. Choose another proctor.
6. Request an exam.
7. Wait.
8. Proctor approved- again, MAILED.
9. Wait for proctor to contact you after exam is received.
10. Email proctor to find out they received the exam last week.
11. Find out this week is booked for pencil exams.
12. Schedule exam for a time that is not convenient, but the only time left within the window before the exam is sent back to Missouri.

I’ll only have to do this four times and now that I know who my approved proctor is I can skip some steps.

I had hoped to finish up Winter Semester by taking the remaining two classes after I am done with the dreaded Geology but I’m thinking I’m not that motivated so I need to just do one at a time. I don’t even think MU going to the National Championship would have been enough to motivate me to that goal. I guess I’ve waited this long, what’s one more semester, right?

Cross your fingers, pray, do whatever you can, I really need to do well on this test. This test is my Oklahoma Sooners. It’s beaten me before, I need to give it the props it deserves. No trash talk about the midterm.

Oh Mizzou.

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That was tough. Nothing seemed to be happening all night. With just over ten minutes left in the 4th quarter I had to get off the couch. I just couldn’t take it. Not that sitting in another room made a difference. It’s that sinking feeling. That second guessing feeling. That maybe we were wrong all along feeling. That let’s just get this over with feeling.

I know there is no shame in losing to OU. They played a great game, we didn’t. That doesn’t erase what happened this season. It wasn’t a dream- it happened and that can’t be taken away, whether anyone wants to recognise it or not, it happened. Great games were played, but we didn’t create the system. No one expected us to win, which everyone has made very apparent for the past weeks. Even when you win it’s not good enough. I think that’s what hurts the most, being dismissed with a pat on the head.

And so, since I’m feeling a little on the fucked up side from this whole experience, I give you Babyshambles with the Loyalty Song…

What did I dream…

I’m on edge.

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And I can’t really take the edge off the way I’d like. Last week took me back to the dorms, crawling to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Not good.

So I watched Shawn of the Dead and took a long nap. It’s a good day for that here, snow slowly insulating the house as the dreary sky begged me to lay down on the couch. I passed in and out of sleep as my husband called my sister again and again confirming his Christmas selections on the phone, address, spelling of last names etc. Then it was 5:00. Time to rise.

Two hours. Time to cook. Pork ribs, braised in a silky sauce. Comfort atop a pile of buttery mashed potatoes. Neiman Marcus Dip, hopefully to keep the nausea at bay through the first two hours of the game.

30 minutes left. I think any fan who makes it through this season without some sort of nervous disorder or stomach condition is a better fan than I. So much hope.