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For the Early Birds

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I’ll post our Halloween pics later tonight but this might get you into the mood this Monday morning!

Stephanie Mabey~ The Zombie Song


Who sings this?

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I have been going crazy, in a mild kind of way, every time I heard this song on the radio. Apparently radio stations don’t tell you who is singing the songs anymore. No, you can text the station and get the last 10 songs played sent to your phone, but they won’t just say who they played. More commercial time freed up by dropping this service? I just know I spent a good amount of time trying to search lyrics before I finally figured it out.

So, here it is- I like it.

Oh, it’s Damien Rice- 9 Crimes

El Patio and the Boss.

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I was craving it all day.
El Patio did not disappoint. The Sangria was good, the salsa hot and the chips salty. The salsa verde covered tamale/ enchilada/ taco platter I had was amazing. Made me think of La Casa Grande in Columbia. I’m sure there will be repeat visits.

On to the Show!

Here is the set list:

Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Gypsy Biker
Reason to Believe
Prove It All Night
She’s the One
Livin’ in the Future
The Promised Land
Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
Devil’s Arcade
The Rising
Last to Die
Long Walk Home
* * *
Girls in Their Summer Clothes
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
American Land

I have to say, although the crowd was really into it, I was fighting to keep my eyes open all night. This has more to do with getting up at 4am than his ability to entertain me. I also wish I had listened to the new album more. I wasn’t up on the lyrics and my attention tended to wander. It was a really good show and when he played Badlands the whole place exploded. His energy is amazing- unbelievable and I’m so glad I got to see it again.

My one disappointment- no Thunder Road. Instead we got a nice Irish song to send us into St. Patricks day. Not that it wasn’t good, but how often do you get the chance to hear Thunder Road?

Lost and Found.

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Today I was attempting to “fix” my play list for work on my iPod. My husband has downloaded nearly half of our music (4386 songs) onto iTunes and since I am lazy when it comes to choosing my music I just let iTunes choose for me. This results in a strange mix of Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West and My Chemical Romance. All good on their own but sometimes this mix gets to be too much at work. I knew I needed to address this when K-Ci and JoJo came on during a lunchbreak and I burst into hysterical laughter, much to the amusement of my team.

While scrolling through I came across The Postal Service, I don’t remember the last time I listened to them. Once I started looking for things I hadn’t heard in awhile I abandoned my original mission.

Strange things were found on the old iTunes. I know I don’t own the Friends soundtrack, but my husband obviously does. I probably would have put that one in the trash instead of uploading it, but whatever. I do have a lot of questionable music from college. Actually, I got most of it at the bookstore on my student charge and am probably still paying for it. Too bad that Republica cd didn’t turn into a classic…

It’s not like we’ve got a bunch of top 40 crap, we aren’t bringing sexy back at our house, we already have Marvin Gaye. Radiohead, U2- every cd ever. Springsteen, Stones, Willie Nelson etc. We’ve got good stuff. I can’t stop buying actual cd’s. I lost a ton of music we had downloaded from iTunes when we had a nasty virus so that was money down the drain for me. I like to look at the art, read the liner notes, learn the real lyrics. So what if they are taking up an entire room.

Should I admit to this?

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I own a White Town CD.

Also, Chumbawamba.

I went to college in the late 90’s and I had easy access to overpriced music at the bookstore, that is my excuse.

After downloading CD’s to iTunes this past weekend, it is apparent that there was a time in my life when I should not have been purchasing music. This was that time.

Sure, I have some great stuff from that period- Garbage, I can never get enough of Shirley Manson. Blink 182, some songs just take me right back to sitting at Country Kitchen at 3 am. And of course, Beck, Fiona Apple and Marcy Playground.

I lean a little more local and a little more rock these days but sometimes when I hear Cake all I can think about is an RHA convention in Indiana and Korey Jackson showing us his moves on the dance floor.

Rain…Rain…Oh how I hate you at midnight!

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All night long I tossed and turned, the rain rattled the windows, the windows my husband was sure would be OK to leave cracked open just a few inches, “It’s not coming in, it’s fine.” I sat wide awake until I couldn’t stand it any longer, then I woke up my husband and asked him shut the windows. I listened as he retrieved towels from the hamper to wipe up the wood floors. I still didn’t sleep, 4:30 comes much too fast. He went right back to sleep, reset his alarm clock for 6 as I was getting ready to walk out the door. Thank the lord I can get good coffee at 5:30!

It was nice to have the rain, it felt like Missouri this morning, wet and threatening. We had some nice sunshine today though, something good for all those poor motorists stuck on 94 for hours on end while they cleared that accident.

Ryon comes home on Friday! Uptown bar, Self Evident- I think I’ll sit this one out. Moms birthday with the girls on Saturday…should be fun. Maybe Ryon will cut hair on Sunday after we barbecue (cedar plank salmon perhaps?). I’ll have to tell (ask) her to bring her scissors.

Office politics. Honey just threw in his hat.

Have I mentioned the craziness that surrounds Bob Ulrich actually visiting one of his stores? Fucking insane.

I just gotta get to Saturday. Beeping Palm Pilots every 15 minutes- work study? It’s only for 3 weeks.

The Decemberists

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Other than the freakishly tall people everywhere we turned, our night at the NorVa was a highlight of our trip. From My Brightest Diamonds opening number (Feeling Good) to the last encore we were on our toes and enjoying the show.

Dinner and a show

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So we took my sister to a show for her birthday. Really, to be honest it was more for me than her, but she was happy to go. Happy to have a place to hang out for the night and happy to have something to do other than rip up carpet at my mom’s.

She is a newly annointed lacto-ovo vegetarian. Not sure that eating mac and cheese and cheese quesadillas is going to sustain her for long but she insists so we try and accomodate. Chinese was the request so we ordered up the mock duck and had a nice pre-show meal.

Headed out to the 7th St. Entry around 9, got there just in time for a trip to the bar before Jeremy Messersmith took the stage. It was a good set, a nice beginning to a great evening. Next up was The Winter Blanket. Astonishingly good. I loved every minute of it and my excitment was building as Chris Koza took the stage.

Now, I love Chris Koza. I had been waiting for this show, I wanted my sister to love this show. She was a bit drunk to love it, she actually apologized on our way out because she thought we left early. Weird since we were on our feet for 3 hours. Loved it anyways. I even loved the little encore that seemed a bit rushed, but it was good. Very good.