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30 Days of Dipes

Welcome to the 30 Days of Dipes cloth diaper giveaway event!

Each day in January, I along with fellow fabulous cloth diapering blogger friends, Life with Levi and The Gnome’s Mom will have awesome cloth diaper or cloth diaper related giveaways! Be sure to check back each day and give our sponsors lots of love (click their links and check out their awesome products)- if you have questions about cloth diapers- feel free to post your questions in the comments of the Cloth Diaper Q&A page and we will do our best to get you answers!

Thank you and good luck!
Be sure to grab the button from my sidebar for extra entries into each giveaway throughout the event!


Week 1 (CLOSED)

Days 1-7 end 1/14 unless otherwise specified

Day 1: Fuzzibunz Trickle Free Trainer  Review  Winner: Ana D.
Day 2: Smartipants  Review  Winner: Lesley K.
Day 3: Mother-ease  Review  Winner: Amy A.-M.
Day 4: Thirsties  Review  Winner: Mandy S.
Day 5: Lovely Pocket Diapers  Review  Winner: Samantha C.
Day 6: OsoCozy  Review  Winner: Neva H.
Day 7: SoftBums  Review  Winner: Beth R.

Week 2 (CLOSED)

Days 8-14 end 1/21 unless otherwise specified

Day 8: Sweet Pickles  Review  Winner: Chelsea W.
Day 9: GroVia  Review  Winner: Andrea G.
Day 10: AppleCheeks  Review  Winner: Jessica L.
Day 11: Pooters  Review  Winner: Breanne T.
Day 12: Swaddlebees  Review  Winner: Beth R.
Day 13: Bummis  Review  Winner: Maia M.

Day 14: DiaperCo   Review (ends 1/28)  Winner: Sonya M.

Week 3 (CLOSED)

Days 15-21 end 1/28 unless otherwise specified

Day 15: Tiny Tush  Review  Winner: Kathryn S.
Day 16: Raw Organics  Review  Winner: Denise T.
Day 17: Eco Nuts  Review  Winner: Michelle P.
Day 18: MotherLove  Review  Winner: Ashley E.
Day 19: Itzy Ritzy  Review  Winner: Lindsay P.
Day 20: Simple Baby  Review  Winner: Christine J.

*Day 21: Three Monkeys  Review (ends 2/4)

Week 4 (CLOSED*)

Days 22-28 end 2/4 unless otherwise specified

Day 22: Changing Diapers by Kelly Wels (FuzziBunz Elite)  Review
Day 23: Blissful Booty  Review
Day 24: Sweet Cheeks  Review
Day 25: Booty Buns  Review (ends 2/8)
Day 26: GoGreen  Review
Day 27: Diaper Junction  Review
Day 28: Hopper’s Baby Haven  Review (ends 2/11)

Week 5

Day 29: Monkey Doodlez  Review (ends 2/11)
Day 30: Glow Bug  Review (ends 2/12)
BONUS DAY! Day 31:  Diapering Today DVD  Review (ends 2/14)

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