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Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Week 30 and a Goodbye

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom Best Breastfeeding Blog

When I took over the Breastfeeding Blog Hop from it’s original host, Life with Levi, I was very certain I was up to the challenge of writing about breastfeeding each week, even though I wasn’t pregnant or nursing. As time went on, it became more difficult. What more could I say that hadn’t already been said about my experiences nursing the twins and then Judah?

Not a whole lot. It occurred to me I could keep it all facts and figures, but that isn’t what this page is about and it seemed like another daunting obligation that I just didn’t have time for. As the boys get older and as their needs begin to change on a daily basis, I began to explore ways to simplify my life and get rid of the “clutter” that was taking up my time.

The biggest obvious thing was, of course, my blog. I needed to get rid of the things that demanded my attention and took away from what this space was really supposed to be about.

I am almost done with reviews in my queue, I am getting down to a single advertiser (BlogHer) and unless something really amazing comes along, there will be no more sponsored posts. Basically, I got rid of everything that was replenishing my PayPal account so I could buy diapers.

But, even that wasn’t as hard to give up as this is. I just cannot keep going on, week after week, half-assing and re-hashing my posts. The Breastfeeding Blog Hop deserves better, there are amazing writers that contribute each week and they deserve to have a host who is thrilled to bits to be leading them in discussion each week.

Of course, when things start to fall apart, they do so in a big way. When I approached Lori and Marah about taking over, they both had the same sentiments as I did: they just couldn’t do it anymore, life was getting busy. So, we put our heads together and decided who we would approach to take over the hop…

I would love for you to give a warm welcome to your new hosts:

Melissa and Jeniffer from Sisters ‘n Cloth


and their co-host, Sarah Jane from Life as a Wife, Mummy, and Nurse!

So, this week, instead of a formal topic, let’s call it a breastfeeding free-for-all and write about whatever breastfeeding topic you would like but everyone, please stop by and visit your new hosts and be sure to let them know if there is anything you want to talk about in the future!  Also- stop by and wish Marah all the best as she embarks on her new journey as a single mother and to Lori as she packs up and ventures off to live in a tiny house somewhere in the wilds of Oklahoma!

Thank you everyone, this has been amazing and I am sad to let it go, but as with everything, you just have to know when to say “when”.

So, next week, be sure to check out their sites and their Facebook pages as well to see what the topic is and where to link up, I am sure they will do a fabulous job! If you want more info on breastfeeding or just everyday parenting tips then check out Atlanta Parent Online Magazine.

Breastfeeding *was* my diet!

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom Best Breastfeeding Blog

Welcome to week 24 of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!

This week we are going to talk about Dieting while Breastfeeding.

Because of all of the other things I was dealing with post delivery- it never crossed my mind to actively diet.  With the twins, breastfeeding made me drop the pounds like no ones business.  Of course as soon as I stopped pumping, it all came right back.

With Judah everything was already hanging on by a thread so I didn’t dare mess with that delicate balance.  Reducing calories or even working out were actively off limits- even if my weight was not falling off like it did with the twins.

It seems like no matter what your take is, you can find someone to support you when it comes to dieting while breastfeeding.

I think if you are going to start in on a strict diet for weight loss while breastfeeding, it would be a good idea to watch for any changes in your supply or nursing patterns and ease up if necessary.

Your body needs calories to produce milk, maybe instead of cutting calories, make the calories you do eat really count- healthy fats, fruit and veggies.  You’ll feel better about what you are eating and hopefully not upset the balance your body needs to keep milk production at peak performance.

If this is your first time stopping by, the Breastfeeding Blog hop is hosted by The Slacker Mom, The Gnome’s Mom and Happiness Redefined.  The linky is open Thursday and Friday of each week- link up any post that is pertinent to the weekly topic and be sure to add the linky code to your pot o we can all hop around easily.  Thanks for stopping by!

1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock…Nurse?

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom Best Breastfeeding Blog

Welcome to this week’s Breastfeeding Blog Hop!

This week the topic is something that we all have to deal with on a daily basis and it can be a sticky subject for every parent, especially in the early months where sleep is at a premium. This week my question is: How often do you breastfeed?

I have to say, this is an area where I might get a little judgy. I know I shouldn’t, but there you are. If I’m being honest, I think the only way to go is nursing on demand. It kind of makes me cringe when the first priority for parents is to get that newborn sleeping through the night. Tiny babies aren’t really built to sleep 5+ hours at a stretch that early.

With the twins, we were overwhelmed. Two infants is a lot of work. I wanted them on a schedule and I wanted them on a schedule immediately (our schedule did not , however, include sleeping through the night).

It didn’t happen.

They never simultaneously napped, they never tandem nursed, they never slept through the night until 14 months. It was a long 14 months- ask my my husband who was home alone with them burning the midnight oil while I was at work!

But we survived. And when 14 months hit and they stopped eating every 2 hours overnight and started sleeping, they also started taking two simultaneous 2-hour naps each day. It was as if the heavens parted and angels started singing. It was unbelievable.

We only nursed for 4 months before my supply was completely gone, I have no idea what would have happened had we nursed on demand. Maybe my supply would have held on a little longer? It’s pretty doubtful. The only thing they hated more than sleeping was nursing but I will never know.

With Judah, breastfeeding was the #1 priority. He liked to nurse and we nursed all. the. time. When we were struggling with weight gain (he lost a lot and took a long time to get to his birth weight) and our pediatrician said he wanted no more than 2 hours between sessions from the beginning of one to the start of the next one I had to laugh because I think at the time we were getting maybe a 30 minute break between sessions at most.

It was tough, I won’t lie.

Being home with twin toddlers and a baby who nursed pretty much constantly was no picnic. A lot of things had to fall apart on our journey to establish a nursing relationship- namely my house and my sanity. Toddlers are like tornadoes and I would just sit in my big red chair and breath through the sounds of things hitting the floor from the next room.

But again, we survived.

Nursing on demand did make it difficult to pump when I had to go back to work. When there is less than an hour between sessions most days, there wasn’t enough milk to make it worth pumping. My stash was pretty dismal when I went back to work- pretty much whatever I pumped the day before was what was available when I left for work.

I was so happy to be able to kiss pumping goodbye when I started staying home full time. Judah was much happier nursing and I was less stressed trying to figure out how to get him milk for when I was not home. Of course I was pretty much home all the time at that point and when I wasn’t, he went with me.

Around 6 months he started dropping sessions. He was mobile and wanted nothing more than to play with his brothers. When he was 8.5 months he climbed down from my lap and walked across the room. My 24 hour a day Twitter addiction got a swift kick to the curb after that and I suddenly had plenty of time (well, more time anyways) to make sure the house was not destroyed on a daily basis.

Nursing on demand, day and night, was the best thing I could have done for my supply. Having low supply issues is no picnic. Every single day threatened to be the last day for many many months. I gave Judah everything I had, it was the best I could do for him.

Here are some resources from my very favorite Breastfeeding resource!

How Does Milk Production Work?

Breastfeeding Your Newborn

Frequent Nursing

Where are you on this? What works best for your family?

As always, the Breastfeeding Blog Hop is hosted by The Gnome’s Mom, Happiness Redefined, and myself!

Link up your post about how often YOU breastfeed and be sure to check out the other bloggers in the hop.

Breastfeeding Free-For-All

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom Best Breastfeeding Blog

Welcome to the Breastfeeding Blog Hop! If you haven’t been here before, this is a weekly hop, hosted by The Gnome’s Mom, Happiness Redefined, and myself! The linky for the hop is open Thursday and Friday of each week and we welcome anyone to link up their pertinent posts.

Usually we have a weekly topic but this week I’ve got lots of company in town and I’ve been mostly offline in an effort to spend as much time with my family as possible. So, I am hitting the easy button: It’s a free-for-all! As long as it’s about breastfeeding, feel free to link it up. It can be a favorite old post that needs dusting off or a brand new post about something you’ve been itching to talk about. As long as it’s about breastfeeding, it’s welcome here!

Also- if anyone has something they would like us to touch on in the coming weeks- leave your idea in the comment and I will see if we can work it into the calender!

So, what’s on my mind this week?

Whether or not I’ll ever breastfeed again.

It’s definitely in the plans, but it’s so hard to think about it in any concrete way. With Judah we knew going in there might be issues, and there were. We also knew what we needed to do to overcome them, and for the most part, we did.

The biggest thing for us was compromise.

for me to continue to breastfeed, I had to supplement. There was just no two ways about it. I didn’t want an “all or nothing” type situation, because I know from my experience with the twins that that quickly turned into “nothing”.

But next time, I just wonder how hard I will fight. How much stress will I put us, me, baby, family, through before I make the call on supplementing?

I also entertain the notion that next time might be better somehow (hahahahahaha) or that there might not be a next time. Both seem unlikely.

So I don’t quite know how to prepare for this. I don’t have blinders going in. I’ve been down this road. I know the trials, the sleepless days and nights and the constant crying of a hungry baby and the stress it puts on everyone in an effort to do the best I can.

I hope when the time comes, I can cut myself some slack. I think I’ve worked my way through the stages of grief over failing to breastfeed the twins (remember ANGER?) and I’m quite happy with what I was able to do with Judah, so we’ll see.

Anyways…that’s what’s on my mind. I really need to quiet that voice though- it’s a ways off and worrying about things this far out never did any good for anyone.

My Best Breastfeeding Advice

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom Best Breastfeeding Blog

Welcome to week 21 of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!

This week we are sharing our Top 3 Tips for breastfeeding.  I know we have all had different experiences and different tricks up our sleeves but I also think there will be some universal advice in our posts…

My Top 3 Tips

#1: Nurse on Demand

With the twins, we were very overwhelmed with their feeding schedule.  It took forever to nurse (they hated everything about nursing), pump, and dropper feed.  I felt like all I did was feed babies, and really, that *was* all I did.  But, with two babies, I wanted them on a schedule.  I wanted them to eat, nap and then hang out and be happy.  You know, like the babies in the parenting books.  My kids didn’t nap and they did nothing but scream when they weren’t eating- usually because they were waiting their turn.

It wasn’t exactly nursing on demand (because they never mastered latching at the same time) and it wasn’t really a schedule, it was kind of the worst possible scenario. At least that’s what it felt like.

It was a pretty horrible introduction to motherhood and breastfeeding and although I was upset that it ended at 4 months, I was relieved.

With Judah, all we did was nurse.  He loved to nurse and he latched like a pro and once he was latched he would pretty much stay there for 45 minutes.  Our pediatrician told me I couldn’t go longer than 2 hours between the start of one session and the start of the next session….as if!

I was lucky if there were 30 minutes between sessions, he was constantly latched.

I absolutely think giving into feeding on demand, no matter how time consuming it was, no matter how much everything fell apart around me because nursing was so time consuming, no matter how much I wanted a break and my body back for an hour…nursing on demand SAVED what little supply I had and it kept us going for those 380 days.

#2: There is No Substitute for a Good Lactation Consultant

If you are having issues, any issues, get yourself to a lactation consultant.  A well trained LC will be able to spot problems you might not be aware of and help to get things running smoothly.  If I had a nickle for every time someone told me about a simple fix they got after making an appointment with a Lactation Consultant that ended up making  a huge difference in their breastfeeding relationship with their child, well, I’d have a few bucks.

Do yourself a favor- make an appointment.  If you are unsure where to go, ask your OB or midwife.  Ask friends in the area if they have had a good experience with one.  Their insight can make all the difference in the world.

#3: Co-Sleep

I know, this is kind of a controversial one, but it goes hand in hand with nursing on demand.  The ability to have Judah next to my bed, to be able to just pull him in and let him latch and keep on sleeping was life changing.  With the twins we were both up and fumbling around two or three times a night.  I don’t know how many times we watched 30 Rock with the back drop of bottles of breast milk being dropped on the floor every few minutes as Yogi Dad nodded off while feeding his assigned twin.  It was pretty horrible.

Co-sleeping can be safe as long as you follow few simple rules and it’s a perfect match for nursing moms.

So, what are your best tips for breastfeeding moms? Link up your post and be sure to grab the linky code for the hop!

As always, check out my fabulous co-hosts: The Gnome’s Mom and Happiness Redefined!

Brushes are for Hair!

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I’m a little late to the party, fashionably late?

When I was first pregnant I knew I wanted to nurse. I wanted to so badly but in the beginning (before I really knew anthing about the process) I really had no idea how it all worked. I’d look at my breasts and wonder how this was all going to go down. I would look at my nipples and wonder where exactly the milk was going to come out. (I’m guessing those two sentences are going to bring some lovely Google searches to my page.)

Anyways, I kept reading about how I needed to prep my nipples. With a rough towel. With pinching. With a HAIR BRUSH.

Really? That sounds about as fun as oh, I don’t know, removing my tattoos with sandpaper.

Whoever started this “you have to prep your nipples” business should be sentenced to a life of having their most sensitive body parts prepped with a hairbrush for the rest of their life*.

I am glad I chose to skip over that chapter- although breastfeedign was a struggle, it was never because of issues with my nipples (except that period when we had thrush).

In the months leading up to your birth- treat your nips nice! Lanolin, colostrum, lotions..whatever. Those beauties are going to be working overtime soon enough. Try not to make them irritated and sore before baby arrives.

*Maybe they would like that though. I’m guessing there are people who do. And I suppose that is just fine if that is your thing. It’s not my thing. Just sayin’.

Have you linked up to the hop?

Be sure to check out the other Breastfeeding Myths de-bunked by our fabulous breastfeeding bloggers!

All for This.

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom

Welcome to this week Breastfeeding Blog Hop!  This week we are sharing or absolute FAVORITE things about breastfeeding.  You know, besides all the great benefits of breastmilk.  Be sure to check out my awesome co-hosts: The Gnome’s Mom and Happiness Redefined as well as all of the other fantastic bloggers who are here week in and week out.  I love you ladies!  You really are the best!

Now…my favorite thing about breastfeeding?

That sleepy milky mouth:

Lincoln circa 2009

What is this Feeling?

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom

This week at the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Gnome’s Mom, Happiness Redefined and myself, we are talking about guilt.  Guilt over not being able to accomplish your breastfeeding goals as well as guilt over reaching them.  As moms we tend to pile all the burden onto ourselves, for better or worse.  So let’s hear it.  Do you feel guilt over breastfeeding?

I have talked endlessly about my feeling concerning breastfeeding.  I am starting to wonder if it’s really guilt I am feeling.  Maybe a little.  Maybe more anger mixed with sadness.  I mean I certainly did everything I could. I have nothing to feel guilty about.

With the twins I had zero milk left by 6 months.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Options were slim back in 2009.  There were no networks of moms milk-sharing.  Getting breastmilk from a milk bank was costly and difficult.  Not really an option at the time.  They had to eat though.  So we powered through and were happy as clams when they finally hit a year and we could give them whole milk and put it behind us.  (When they started solids I made everything from scratch.  They never had a spoonful of jarred food because for once I could *make* something and my body’s ability to produce wasn’t going to be a factor.)

But I still hated that it didn’t work.  I hated that every single feeding during that time was a struggle.  I hated that all of my memories from the first few months were of any combination of the 3 of us crying during yet another stressful feeding.  I hated that everyone I talked to told me how wonderful it was and how easy it was and how if I only had X,Y,  and Z it would be fine.  Well let me tell you.  I had X,Y,  and Z.  What I didn’t have were a pair of breasts that wanted to make milk.  There was plenty of demand.  There was no supply.

I felt like a failure.

With Judah I kind of knew what I was up against, but I figured it would be better.  There was only one mouth to feed this time around.  It had to be!  Right?


And this time I happened to be on Twitter 24/7.  That’s not always the place to find great support for breastfeeding.  Some of the things that came across the screen had me in tears.  I was already on my knees, I didn’t need someone to kick me while I was down there.

After a few (4?) months of struggling we started to supplement with formula.  It was an instant change in the mood of Judah and thus the entire house.  He was not screaming all day and night because he was hungry.  That bottle to top him off after nursing for hours on end was just what we needed.  I was a happier mom.  There was less stress, things chilled out.

I didn’t feel guilt about this because it had to be done.

I have felt something though.  Mostly because whenever supply issues come up, they are quickly dismissed.  It’s so rare, you know.  That dismissal pisses me off.

I lived through it 24/7 with 3 kids.  You could not find another mom who wanted to breastfeed more than I did.  You could not find someone who had more support to do so.  But I was still condescended to as if I didn’t know what I was talking about.  I must not have been feeding often enough.  Or I must have had a pediatrician who wasn’t supportive.  Or I must have been too tired one night and just needed an easy way out.

The twins didn’t sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time until they were 14 months old.  Being tired isn’t an issue for me.

I did what I had to do.

Do I feel guilty about that? Looking back, I don’t think it’s guilt that I feel. 

I think it’s anger.  Anger that women in my position get dismissed.  Get told they don’t want it enough.  Get looked down upon for making a “choice”. 

Anger that no matter what I did, no matter how high my hopes, no matter what combination of prescriptions and supplements I swallowed each day, no matter how often I pumped or nursed, it wasn’t working.

And I think it’s sadness.  Sadness that no matter what, breastfeeding for me will always be colored by stress. 

Stress over not being able to feed my child. 

Stress over the decision to use formula. 

Stress that I will be judged as not doing everything I could have with one glance at my baby holding a bottle.

I love breastfeeding and everything it represents and I wish every mother could and would do it.  But I also know what it’s like to be judged and I try really hard to acknowledge that each of us is walking a different breastfeeding path.



My Own Personal Nightmare

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom

Welcome to week 13 of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!

This weeks topic is one that is near (but not so dear) to me: The Low Down on Low Supply.

Another BFBH Mama requested we touch on this subject as she is having some issues with her nursling and is looking for some ideas and support!

I think if I had to choose low supply or over supply, I would choose over supply in a heartbeat.

Having been in the trenches with a baby that eats around the clock (I was pretty much in my red chair from dawn til dusk with one hand on Twitter and the other hand cradeling a nursing baby), has a great latch/ suck/ swallow but is not gaining weight or meeting the minimum output recommendations, I know the frustration.  The fear that you won’t be able to do something you so desperately want to do.  The all consuming feeling of helplessness as your baby pops on and off, clawing at you in frustration between crying fits because what they want just isn’t there.

Of course the last thing I ever wanted to do was supplement, and we honestly put that off for as long as we possibly could, probably longer than we should have given the stress of the situation.  I refused to listen to my pediatrician and lactation consultant who wanted us to supplement after every feeding (I was pretty sure they were out to sabotage us!) so we used the dropper sparingly and we eeked by for quite awhile trying all of the things that are recommended: fenugreek, Reglan, oatmeal, teas, cookies, power pumping, nursing vacations (stay in bed and do nothing but nurse for 24 hours). Not how you expect to spend the first weeks of motherhood.

It took 3 emotionally exhausting weeks to get back to birth weight (well, close enough that they let me stop coming in for weight checks anyways).

We were able to make it to a year (by the skin of my teeth).  Judah was exclusively breastfed (or bottle fed breast milk after I went to work) for the first 4 months and then we had to add in formula because I couldn’t pump enough to get through a day and my poor husband was left alone with a screaming baby and no way to feed him.

God I hope I don’t ever have to deal with that again.

So, if you think you are experiencing supply issues, ask yourself some questions:

How many wet/ dirty diapers are we getting a day?  If there is sufficient output (minimum 3 dirty diapers a day), your supply is probably fine.

Is baby gaining weight?  Again, if there is weight gain (aim for 1 ounce a day) your supply is probably fine.

How long are we going between feedings?  Never more than 4 hours in the first few months until breastfeeding is established.

Is baby in a growth spurt?  Every few weeks during the first few months there will be a few pretty predictable growth spurts where baby will want to nurse all the time and your breasts may feel like they are not keeping up.  Nurse on demand and give everything a little time to regulate.

Are you eating and drinking enough?  You need to stay hydrated and just as important (if not more so) you need to eat.  When you are establishing a supply it is not the time to declare war on your post baby body in the form of a super restrictive diet.

Having lived through that (and reading as much about breatfeeding as I do) it’s safe to say that I have gone over every decision in detail to try and figure out what the problem was.  Sadly, it seems like most information regarding supply issues is the same- try herbs XY&Z to fix it and you probably don’t actually have low supply.

What if THAT doesn’t work?

I managed to rustle up a few possible low-supply trouble-makers courtesy of the fantastic breastfeeding class I recently attended at Baby Love, an independent childbirth education center here in the Twin Cities.  (Doesn’t everyone just randomly attend breastfeeding classes?  Just me?)

#1- Tongue-tie: there was a question as to whether Judah had one (it was very slight) and whether it would make a difference having it clipped since he had an excellent latch and the mechanics of nursing were perfect.  I wonder if I should have pressed this issue further?

#2- Old pump: I love my breast pump, but now I wonder if it was worn out.  It was only used for 6 months with the twins so I assumed (wrongly?) that the motor was still perfectly fine.  I was getting the same kind of output as I did with the twins when the pump was new, so I didn’t really question it.  Next time I will be getting a brand new shiny pump (or better yet, hand expressing!) if I need to pump.

#3- Underlying medical issues: Thyroid problems?  Something else?  Why not dig a little deeper and see if there is something that needs to be looked at that might help get back on track.

Breastfeeding needs to start off on the right foot from day one.  I was lucky to have my baby with me in recovery (within the first hour he was nursing) and he was only out of my room for a few hours during my 4 days stay.  I knew that babies need to be fed on demand.  I never went more than 2 hours between feedings mostly because I barely got 15 minutes to myself in a 2 hour period without a baby attached to me.  You should not be going more than 4 hours between feedings and if baby is going more than 6 hours between feedings you probably need to get that checked out- the early weeks are not the time to be getting babies on a sleep schedule!  In theory, the more you nurse, the more milk you should make.

Whatever is happening, don’t throw in the towel.  See what your options are.  Enlist the help of a Lactation Consultant.  Do what you can to get to the bottom of the struggle.  If you have to supplement, it’s more ideal to do it for a short period of time to get over a hump (like a sleepy jaundiced baby) than to be saddled with supplementing forever.

Have you dealt with low supply?  How did you overcome?  How do you support women who are dealing with supply issues?

The Breastfeeding Blog hop is a weekly blog hop dedicated to real breastfeeding moms discussing different topics pertaining to breastfeeding.  The hop is hosted by Happiness Redefined, The Gnome’s Mom and myself.  The hop is open to link up every Thursday and Friday.  Topics will be announced on the Breastfeeding Blog Hop page each Tuesday as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  Link up!  We love to see new faces.


It Ain’t All Fun and Games

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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom

Welcome to Week 12 of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by Happiness Redefined, The Gnome’s Mom, and myself!

This week we are talking about Road Bumps.  You know, the tough moments, days, weeks (hopefully not months but those too).  How to you endure?  What are your tips and tricks for surviving your specific breastfeeding related obstacle?


Breastfeeding can be wonderful but it’s not all faeries dancing about you as you relax into a puddle of pillows with your baby at your breast in the middle of a meadow filled with lavender on a warm summer day.  What?  Isn’t that the image you conjure up of breastfeeding mothers?

I think I’ve hit every rough spot other than those usually tied to oversupply issues so I’ll just pick one: biting.

We went through a period of 3 months where Judah had Thrush (but I didn’t have any obvious symptoms) and that is when he started biting.  It is about as pleasant as you would think.  At one point I started having severe pain and thought for sure I had Thrush too only to find a huge gaping hole on the underside of my nipple.

After that I would kind of panic every time it was time to nurse.  I knew he had to nurse, I wanted to nurse him, but it was like a very strong fight or flight reaction and I wanted to run screaming from the room anytime he gave me the look.  And he gave that look quite often.

Thankfully the wound was on my stinker of a right breast that never gave up much to begin with so I could focus on the left breast for most of the time.  I would nurse on the left, nurse on the right and as soon as he got squirmy or fussy I would try to pop him off and try the left again or direct his attention elsewhere.  Usually the pain would go away once he was securely latched.  Most of it anyway.  I started using a bit of lanolin, it took a long time to heal, but it eventually healed.

We never did get past the biting.  He was a biter until the very end.  I tried all the tricks in the book and no matter how much attention I paid to his cues, he still liked to flex his jaw muscles.  I think some of this behavior was brought on by frustration with my supply.   Towards the end he would clamp his teeth shut and pull them of the breast.  It just sends chills down my spine thinking about it.

Thankfully, other than the one open wound incident, he never drew blood again (I am lucky!).  We stuck it out, I was able to stop using lanolin (I really dislike putting anything on my breasts while nursing) and we persevered through his behaviors until the end.

What has been your road bump?  How did you overcome?  Who supported you through it?