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A Day in the Life at Casa de Slacker

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Sometimes it gets really overwhelming staying at home.  At the end of the day I look at what actually got done and it seems like absolutely nothing in comparison to what I have on my to-do lists.

Most days it *is* nothing!

But then when you break it down, there is a lot that gets done.  All of the little day to day things that you need to get done to get by: making meals, cleaning kids, dressing kids, cleaning up after messes big and small, getting everyone ready for naps and bedtime and on and on and on.  The little things.

Today I set out to photograph a glimpse of our life, every 30 minutes.  Pretty or not.  The picture taking fell apart around 4pm when we headed out to Target before dinner and my phone died.  Once we got home we were running to get everyone to bed, but it was a pretty typical day.


Judah woke up on the wrong side of the bed
and proceeded to throw himself all over the floor for the better part of 30 minutes.
It was awesome.

Not to be outdone,
Wyatt refused to wear pants, socks or shoes until I rustled up his “special page”.
Also Awesome.

Once the boys were safely on their way to school,
Judah and I got down to cleaning up a bit.
I started doing dishes and he decided to do laundry…
While the clothes were still on his body.

After dishes were done we took a quick break in the living room.
“Smile for the camera!” garnered me this gem.

After that we headed downstairs to play.
This is the dollhouse.
“Shut! (Open! Shut! Open! Shut!…)”

Judah tackled the train table while I attempted to clean up a bit.

When we were done downstairs we came up to start the actual laundry.
This is when I realized the recycling went down to the curb,
without the 2 boxes of recycling that were hanging out in my laundry room.

Once that was sorted out I threw together some brownies before I started lunch.
A post-Halloween favorite: Boxed brownie mix with all the chocolate candies chopped up and mixed in.
Except for things like Tootsie Rolls (Twistie Rolls!) Kit Kats and Twix.)

Snack time: Raisins and Feta Cheese.
Judah’s choice.
Not pictured: the coffee creamer and lemon juice I had been taking away from him all morning.

The boys only had Day Treatment today so we went out to wait for them on the porch.
Judah practiced pulling his pants up and down.
Over and over a again.
It’s a good skill to have.

The Squirrels are really having their way with the pumpkins.

Lunch: When he saw the hot dogs, Lincoln said:
“Octopuses Garden Hot Dogs!”
Yogi Dad has obviously been in charge of the bedtime songs lately.

After lunch, Judah went down for a nap and the other two went downstairs to play.
I hung out in my room and watched CNN until someone came looking for me.
About 30 minutes of uninterrupted “me” time.
For real this time.

Let’s not forget the man who makes this all possible!
Working from home today.
God bless flex time!

Me and my Wy.
Much happier than this morning.

A pretty typical sight at our house.
Trampoline. Check!
Standing on top of the furniture. Check!
Watching TV from the other room. Check!

I finally get around to emptying out backpacks,
and I found the Social Story for Lincoln’s upcoming hospital visit.
They have been fighting over it ever since.

Yogi Dad finished up his day,
and we decided to head out to Target to get some odds and ends before dinner.
I think this picture is pretty much my favorite picture of my husband.

At Target.
Notice Wyatt’s rolled up pants?
It’s the newest fad to sweep our house.

(This is where my phone started to die and things got crazy.)

We shopped.
We ate dinner.
We read “Lincoln goes to the Hospital” 10 times.
We got everyone ready for bed.

These are some pics I took in the pitch dark room while we were singing bedtime songs.

I’m not on Facebook all day like some people might think.
I don’t even touch the computer until after 7pm because I can’t get anything done anyways.
I have at least one child within 5 feet of me for all but that 30 minute time-frame after lunch.
It’s tough.
I won’t lie.
Sometimes I really need a break from the constant neediness of it all.

Now I need to pick up a little and take a long hot shower before I indulge in some Facebook .
It all starts again in 12 hours.



Lazy Saturday

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I love the weekends.

Mostly because my husband is home and we can all just relax.

There is no school. There is no work. There is no rushing off to someplace we need to be.

We can just “be” at our house. All of us. Together.

Today I rolled out of bed a little after 8, had a cup of coffee, did a few dishes, made my shopping list and headed off to Target and Cub.

Nothing relaxes me more than grocery shopping. Maybe a bottle of wine. But serious couponing really puts me in a good mood. It’s the #1 way I contribute to the bottom line in this house and I love to do it.

Feeding a family of 5, plus pet supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies and toiletries on $200 every 2 weeks is a challenge. Especially when you want to skip buying all the crap. Some weeks it’s easier than others. Thankfully it’s a puzzle I like to figure out.

But, back to Saturday.

I got home, the boys were napping, football was on, it was raining outside. There was no place we needed to be. I seriously love nothing more than not having to be anywhere.

I put together teriyaki chicken skewers for dinner, Yogi Dad got the grill going. The boys played in the dining room and living room- jumping from the couch to the couch cushions which they arranged on the floor. Wyatt would come running to the gate to the kitchen to ask for Hot Dogs every few minutes. (Can you guess what his favorite food is?) Judah wandered around banging a hockey stick on the floor with one hand while waving a lavendar scarf in the air with the other.

It’s all so normal to me.

I did some dishes while dinner was cooking. Started laundry. We ate- and everyone tried everything! There were no protests or automatic plate-throwings. After dinner all three boys hit the tub and then got their Jim-Jams on before we took a long walk around the neighborhood.

And now here we are, barely after 9pm. Dishes piled in the sink. Laundry piled on the floor. Lunches to pack before tomorrow. And I am ready to hit the sheets.

I may leave lunches until tomorrow morning. If we get a late start, it’s not the end of the world. Right?

Anyways, The Dirty Life is calling my name. I seriously can’t put this one down. It makes you want to go out and live off the land. Thanks Mom! You picked a good one. Even if you did think it was written by the Pioneer Woman 😉

What do your weekends look like? Filled to the max or spent relaxing? Also: what books do I need to put on my list? I don’t think this one os going to last very long, I love the foodie memoirs the best. Did you know you can find me here: Twitter! Facebook! StarTribune.com! Following on Google Friend Connect is always welcome and if you Stumble my posts because you think they are made of The Awesome, well, I might just love you forever.

Now I drive a Minivan.

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In 2004 we bought a car. The second car we’d ever purchased together. The first we purchased on our terms, when we weren’t in desperate need of a car because ours had died. We saw a sale, we had a trade-in, we went and got ourselves a new car.

It was a Saturn Vue.

We loved that car.

It took us back and forth to Minnesota when we were moving from Missouri.

It took us east to Virginia, both before and after we had kids. The worst leg of a road trip ever was spent in it when we were stopped in traffic for an hour because of an accident heading into Louisville with no more water, no more bottles and two screaming 11 month olds who wanted to eat. The first thing we did when we found an exit was stop to get water and then stop to get beer for when we got to the hotel. It was the longest 60 minutes of my life.

We drove west to Montana with three kids and although the seating was a bit more cramped than it was when it was just the two of us, we still had room to add a few more things on our trip home.

It was the family car.

But, it died. Unexpectedly. And with gusto.

It didn’t just die, it died hard. And all at once.

So, we had to bite the bullet. We had to get another car. We had to look at…minivans.

Now, I am not necessarily a minivan person. I liked the Vue. It was compact but it fit everyone and all of our stuff, even if it was tight.

But, the siren song of the minivan is hard to deny.

More space! Smoother ride! A place for all of your kids and their friends! And did we mention SPACE?!

So we went looking.

We did some research and were priced out of our top 2 choices pretty quickly (Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey) our third choice was the Chrysler Town and Country and our 4th choice was the Dodge Grand Caravan.

We found a few we wanted to look at, nailed down the dealerships we were going to, pulled our Carfax reports and went on our way.

The one we really wanted, the one that looked so perfect on paper ended up being a dud. It only had seating for 6, all captains seats and there is no way our stroller would have fit in the back. Boo. I’m not sure how this is possible, it’s a minivan…where is all the space?

We looked at a few more and then finally found one we can live with. It has a few more miles than we originally wanted, but not too many more. It has the 3rd row bench seat and 4 captains chairs. It’s got the Stow & Go seating which is pretty cool. It’s got the doors that open automatically which wasn’t on my list but I guess is a plus. And, it was lower than our price range, so huge plus.

It has more space than the T&C, but seriously….unless I drop the seats into the floor I’m not seeing the extra cargo room (and if you do that you lose that under seat space, so it’s kind of a draw). Yes, it has more space in the passenger area. It will be a lot easier to ride in on long trips for sure. I’ll give it that. But, with three kids in carseats, I kind of have to have all my seats up. So where is all of this extra space?

Do I like the minivan we got? Yes. I think it will end up being a great car for us. I’m not knocking this purchase at all. I think it was necessary and I think we made some good decisions. Plus I have the contact from  All Tune & Lube  repair shop, so the future repair don’t worry me at all.

I thought I was going to have this big a-ha moment ofBut, I’m feeling really underwhelmed.

“OMG I can’t believe we’ve lived without this for so long!

And I’m not.

Certainly I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Are they going to come take my Mom card now?

BFBH Week 22: Breastfeeding and PPD

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This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted each Thursday and Friday by Life With Levi! Each week we focus on a different topic in the realm of breastfeeding. Please link up pertinent posts and join the conversation!

First, a little background…

I don’t do pregnancy well. When I was pregnant with the twins my midwife was pretty clear that she thought I might be high risk for PPD because it had been so rough for so long, she didn’t know if I’d be able to bounce back.

I was pretty worried about it myself. Yogi Dad was always on the lookout for signs. For the most part things were great. Immediately upon delivery I felt about a gazillion times better. I needed that. Of course as I’ve said in previous posts, breastfeeding has never come easy and with the twins it was kind of like my own personal hell.

But I’m not sure I would go so far as to say I had PPD.

Sure, it was frustrating beyond belief.
Yes, there were many, many tears.
I’m pretty sure I said some pretty crazy things about what I might do if I didn’t get a shower or some sleep or some time away from screaming babies.

But it all stemmed from something that I could have stopped if i had wanted to, if I had pulled myself away from everyone telling me I just needed to try harder. Once I finally did that things got better.

The frustration went away. The babies stopped crying. I stopped crying. Everyone got more sleep.

But there is the guilt in that. You know…taking the *easy* way out.

With Judah the frustration was always tempered by the fact that he wanted to nurse and nursed well, I just have supply issues. Once we got over the hump, things got better. We co-slept and bed-shared so sleep was never as big of an issue.

I am very aware that it could have gone differently. I think being aware of PPD and having my husband and family be aware of what to watch for was key to making sure if it did become an issue it would be taken care of right away.

Endings and Beginnings

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Friday I walked out of our duplex for the last time. Ever.

It was so weird and uneventful. Well I guess the combined 48 hours* of cleaning we put into it before we finally walked out wasn’t exactly uneventful, but you get the picture.

Now, we are here. On the other side of town, with a somewhat new feeling life and new open doors.

More rooms.
More space.
More places to escape to, namely the backyard which is currently under construction.

I think it’s going to be good.

*Seriously. 48 hours. If we don’t get at least part of that deposit back after 6 years I might just go through the roof. Because #1- we were there for 6 years. #2- FORTY EIGHT hours of cleaning! And #3- 6 years! Nothing had been updated in at least 10 years (the previous renters had been there for 4 years). I seriously question the fact that I am being asked to wash 10 year old mini-blinds (I’m guessing they were more in the 15-20 years old range) in the bathtub or incur a charge for $22 per blind. That, is bullshit.

Flats Challenge Kick-Off!

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It’s been a whirlwind weekend around here, what with moving and all.

I may not be able to find my clothes, but I made sure that my flats and covers were easily accessible and ready to go. That’s why you could find me hefting the huge box of pre-folds and flats up the stairs during our second tornado siren of the day on Sunday. On a different note- Judah can crawl up the stairs.

So for the Flats and Hand Wash Challenge I am using at max, 5 covers in rotation and 12 large birdseye flats from Diaper Junction. I’m still trying to decide which covers I’m using, Judah was in a well used Thirsties cover today and that lasted until bedtime. I’ll probably do a rotation of a Thirsties, a Flip and a Wonder Wrap. I’ve also got a Stacinator that I’ve been trying out but that might be too big for him and it might be a pain to dry….I’m obviously making this up as I go along.

So, tonight I had 4 flats to wash and 1 cover. There was a pre-fold in there that Yogi Dad used while I was out at a networking event, but it’s the first day, so I’m going to give him a pass. Just this once!

My plan is to wash them at the end of each night and dry them overnight. I prepared a spray bottle (maybe 10oz) with water and a tablespoon of Charlie’s Soap. I am going to try and see if giving them a good rinse in hot water and then spraying them with the diluted soap solution, and then some elbow grease followed by another really good rinse under hot running water will be good enough to clean them. When I washed them tonight it took about 15 minutes from start to finish. Not too bad.

I had planned on buying some sort of drying rack but never got around to it, so right now they are draped over empty laundry baskets in my kitchen. We’ll see if they are dry in the morning. Like I said, I am making this up as I go along. During the day I am keeping my flats and covers in a pail liner in the bathroom. Normally all diapers would go right into the diaper pail in the laundry room.

For nighttime we’ve just got him in a doubled up pre-fold in a cover, just like we usually do. Yogi Dad got everyone in their nighttime diapers so I may try a flat and pre-fold combo tomorrow night, we’ll see. I am using a super easy pad-fold/ tri-fold hybrid. I’m not good with the folds and this keeps all the areas covered.

One thing I noticed today was that the diapers were not saturated at all. This may be due to some weaning we’ve got going on, we’ll see how the week goes. I’m going to up the liquid intake tomorrow.

Day 1, down! I can’t wait to see if my flats are dry in the morning.

UPDATE!!! They were NOT dry in the morning. Boo! I draped them over the back of our dining room chairs and they were dry within 2 hours. I need to get my line rigged up!

If you are participating, leave me a link to a post about your plan!

Friday Favorites {Baby Bond} Giveaway ends 6-3

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Sponsored by Tomoson.com

I have a love-hate relationship with nursing covers.  I love them, because I’m the kind of girl who likes to cover up my business.  I hate them, because Judah doesn’t like them and spends the entire nursing session ripping it off,  thus drawing MORE attention to me and him and OH LOOK!  Boobs!

Which is not what I’m going for.

So, I ditched my covers.  And I had some cute ones!

I was cruising along pretty well just pulling my shirt down just so, keeping my breast covered and it was working great.

Then I heard about the Baby Bond.

A nursing cover that covers YOU, not the baby.

Hmmm…sounds pretty good.  I watched some videos on their website and did a little sleuthing around and I was hooked.  This was the answer!  I could cover up AND keep Judah free to

So when given the opportunity to review a Baby Bond of my very own, I was on board.

I chose the Baby Bond Couture Nursing Sash and Belly Band.

Baby Bond Couture 2

via Baby Bond

The Couture is different from the Original and the Flexin that it is versatile (you can use it to cover you from the top or the bottom.  It is also adjustable, fitting your body as it changes postpartum.

Baby Bond Couture 1

via Baby Bond

I wanted to try this one because as I discussed in a previous post, I have no real nursing wardrobe.  I’m in my nursing tanks pretty much all the time.  The Baby Bond Couture gives me another option- I can put it on under any shirt and still have my tummy and back covered while I nurse, my shirt will keep me covered up top.  It’s perfect!

I actually had much better luck with it used in this way than if I used it to cover my top, Judah was all flailing hands and feet trying to get it off even though it wasn’t covering him at all.  I ended up quite exposed when using it this way.

Still, I think it’s a great product.   Lightweight, nice neutral colors, it even rolls up into itself for easy storage.

I would recommend this nursing cover to anyone.

Baby Bond has three different styles to choose from, all 100% cotton knit and they retail for around $35.  Baby Bond nursing covers are Made in the USA.

Baby Bond is offering one of my readers the opportunity to get their hands on a Free Baby Bond Nursing Cover of their own!

Required Entry:
– Visit Baby Bond and tell me which Baby Bond nursing cover you would choose if you are the winner

Extra Entries:
– Follow me on GFC
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– “Like” The Slacker Momon Facebook
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Please include a seperate comment for each entry so they can all be counted.

In addition to this giveaway, Baby Bond is giving ALL of my readers 25% off their purchase at www.babybondnursing.com.  Just enter the coupon code “SLACKER” when checking out!

This giveaway will end June 3rd at 10pm, the winner will be drawn by Random.org. I will contact the winner by email, if I do not get a response within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn. Open to residents worldwide.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com created by WebBizIdeas.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

It’s almost here!

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I got a little reminder yesterday letting me know that I only have 6 days (5 now) left until the start of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  It’s nice to get reminders during this time of transition.  Moving is really the pits!  Maybe I can get reminders for everything in my life.  I suppose that would mean hiring a personal assistant and I’m guessing THAT is not in the budget.

So, the question is, what am I doing to prepare?

So far, other than a week of trial runs with folding technique and a few dry-runs with the handwashing…nothing. 

Did I mention we are moving*?

I think I’ll just dive right in on Monday after we get settled over the weekend.

I do have a nice little giveaway planned from the best little diaper shop in Minnesota.  Stay tuned for that on May 27th!

Now, back to my boxes.  And my cleaning.  And oh yea…my kids!

*I did a little inspection of our new garage the other day and found the tell-tale hooks leftover from an old clothesline- I’m totally running some clothesline wire between the garage and the fence!  Woo Hoo!  I can sun bleach to my hearts content!

Kicky Pants Half Off!

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Kicky Pants Bamboo

I had to share because I am a HUGE fan of Kicky Pants clothes for kids and I *just* saw this sale.  I’ve actually got a review post coming for Kicky Pants in the next few weeks, but that will have to wait.

Kicky Pants are all Bamboo fabrics, my favorite being the Bamboo Viscose pajamas, they are darling.  And soft.  And slinky and soft and cuddly and I think I’m wasting all of my adjectives on this post and did I say SOFT?


Kicky Pants!

Half Off!

At Hautelook


hautelook logo

I had an Extreme Couponing “Moment”

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Spurred on by a photo of a friends latest Target trip where she purchased among other things, a box of Tide and some various other H&B products with her total coming out to be less than the box of Tide, I made a list.

I was going to try my hand at this Extreme Couponing thing.

I was pretty excited as I hunted through my coupons.  You could say I was extremely excited.

So I put the boys on the bus, strapped Judah in the car, grabbed my list and headed towards my Target.  Sadly, this might be my last visit to this Target.  You know, because we are moving to the other side of the city and all.  (cue sad music)

But this trip!  This trip was amazing.  (I took pictures but our camera cord is at the new house so this will have to do for now.)

The Breakdown:
MC- Manufacturers coupon TC- Target coupon

21oz Tide Stain Release Spray sale $4.49 ($3 MC + $1 TC) total $.49

114oz Tide Powder with Bleach sale $10.99 ($3 MC $.75 TC) total $7.24

J&J First Aid to Go x2 reg $.97 ($1 off 2 MC) total $.94

Olay Silk Whimsy Body Lotion w/ free trial size lotion clearance $4.18
Olay single bar soap reg. $.97
Secret trial size deodorant reg $.97
($4 off MC if you buy lotion+deodorant+soap) total $2.12

22oz Murphy’s Oil Soap Spray price cut $2.49 ($.50 MC + $1 TC) total $.99

1Qt Similac RTF reg $5.49 ($5 MC) total $.49

And my treat for my trip was a large Cherry Limeade from Sonic reg $1.99 ($1.99 voucher from Star Tribune STeals) total FREE!

Total: $33.51  Paid: $12.27  Savings:  $21.24 (63%)

Not bad.

I would be amiss if I didn’t point you towards my current giveaway of $50 to Tea Collection which ends 5-27 and also my Coupons+Deals page.  You can find lots of things on this page- coupon generators, coupon toolbars, freebies…

Disclosure: These were the prices at the Fridley MN Super Target on 5-17-11, some of the Sale prices may have been TPC’s (I didn’t write them all down as I was shopping).