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I’m tired.  Like, feel it in my bones tired.

Judah decided he wasn’t into bottles today which has set off another mini-freak-out between Yogi Dad and I.  What are we supposed to do if he continues to refuse a bottle?  I obviously can’t take him to work with me and he obviously needs to eat.  We’re hoping it’s a little residual thrush irritation that will clear up here, but we’ll see how the weekend goes. 

Tomorrow is our first evaluation for the boys.  It’s in the afternoon, so I have ample time to either A) get the boys down for a morning nap or B) put them down after everyone leaves.  I’m hoping for A, but have a feeling B will probably be more accurate.  I’m trying to get this place looking halfway decent before they show up, I think I have the bathroom left and a quick run through the kitchen and we’ll be all set.  It’s the least I can do.

Tomorrow also kicks off a few days with Yogi Dad’s parents.  They’ll be in town to celebrate Christmas with us- starting with a trip to Macy’s on Saturday morning to see Santa and the 8th Floor Auditorium.  It’s my favorite tradition we have as a young family, We’ve done it every year we’ve lived here.

Over the next few days I am also hoping to get more than 4 hours of sleep a day.  It’s a lot to ask, especially if Judah will only nurse, but I need to recharge.  In a big way.  I’m not sure how to finagle it, maybe going to bed before midnight would be a good place to start.

But, I have presents to wrap and Christmas cards to address and laundry to do and and and…

I suppose we all have these things.  Whether we work at home or out of the home- we still have all this stuff to get done.

For the most part I’m good with just going with the flow.  Letting things either get done or not get done depending on time constraints.  This is a fine plan until we have company and the tasks to be completed are all of a sudden amplified by 100.  Then the shit hits the fan and I feel overwhelmed.

Oh well.  We’ll get through it.  Christmas will all be over soon and we can get back to life as we know it.  You know, shoveling snow, thawing out boots by the radiator and figuring out where to park each day with the new Winter Parking Rules they put into effect. 

Just one more thing.

Navigating Birth to Three pt 1

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When we returned from our trip out west we started the process of getting the boys speech evaluated through Early Intervention.  Upon completing the intake interviews I was told they would be contacting us in 3 weeks to set up appointments.  Last Thursday, Jenna and I were discussing when this was going to start happening, we should be getting a call soon, right? 

Well, not 24 hours later I got  a letter letting me know that I missed all calls and messages* they have left.  Also, if they didn’t hear from me by the 8th, they would assume we were no longer interested.

I’ve got two 2 year olds who don’t speak.  I’m still interested.

Makes me wonder who they have been calling and leaving messages with.

*Yes Mom.  I checked my messages….

The Nap Skipper

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Lincolnton has decided he is no longer required to take naps.

This throws a bit of a wrench into our days as Wyatt flops down and sleeps at the drop of a hat, waking up 2-3 hours later, quite refreshed and ready to go.  Lincoln on the other hand would rather jump in his crib for an hour or two or noisily call to us as he reads his books in bed.  Skipping the nap doesn’t leave him bright eyed and bushy tailed as you can imagine.  More like a red-eyed dictator, shouting orders, looking like he’s coming off a bender and falling asleep in his dinner.  It’s unbecoming.

Yes.  We’ve regressed back to falling asleep in our dinner here.  This is something we haven’t seen since our pre- CIO days when there were no naps and no sleeping through the night.  Most nights we remove him from his seat as soon as he starts to fall asleep and he wakes up, mad as hell.  Last night we let him sit in his seat until he woke up on his own.  He woke up and picked up right where he left off, finishing up his dinner and breaking out the smiles and the giggles like we hadn’t seen all day.  A 15 minute upright nap complete with jerky head bobs was apparently what the doctor ordered.

I’m not sure I think that’s the best policy- letting him sleep at the table, but it seemed to work for him.  Today we let him whine it out in his room and he’s asleep now.  Wyatt has been sleeping for awhile, we’ll see who wakes up first.  I’m not ready for him to drop two naps, one I can handle, but not two.  He obviously needs the sleep I just don’t know why he fights it so hard.

What do you do when one twin refuses a nap?  Am I right that 2 is too young to drop naps?  Please tell me 2 is too young to drop naps…then tell me what to do.

Failing kids.

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Today as I was sitting on the couch breastfeeding Judah I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and clicking on links like I always do.  Every second or third tweet was about the Amazon situation which is so disgusting I can’t even think about it.  Seriously, Amazon might be cheap, but I think I might have to take my business elsewhere. 

I came across a link to Molly at The Snyder 5.  A blog I have read in the past but not on a regular basis.  It was a story about an incident that took place in a waiting room at a hospital.  A father repeatedly threatened his two boys with a belt and took them to the bathroom on more than one occassion to do so.  The cops were called to the waiting room and he was talked to for a minute and then the cops left.  Their resoning for not doing anything? Some people are good parents.  Some people are bad parents.


Seriously?  This entire waiting room had been observing this abuse and the cops just shrug it off?

I was practically in tears.  I was trying to hold it together because once I get upset the milk stops flowing and I didn’t need that on top of all of the heaviness of the day.  I retweeted and moved on but I can’t shake this overwhelming feeling. 

I know kids get abused.  I would like to think that if the proper authorities are brought in that abuse will be stopped.  After today I guess I don’t believe that’s true anymore. 

How is this OK?

Why Slacker Mom?

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I’ve been wanting to separate my writing from my family blog for awhile now.  I’m pretty sure the grandparents don’t give a hoot about why we rear-face (although they should) and would rather see more pictures of their precious grandsons but I was finding that I would write less and less as it was.  I thought maybe making the jump to wordpress while I was on maternity leave would afford me a little extra time to get things up and running around here.  Right!  Um, I had a newborn.  and toddler twins.  What was I thinking?

I’m doing it anyways.  However long it takes to get this space exactly how I want it may take longer than I thought, but it’s my new place to write, so that’s that.

So…why The Slacker Mom?

Well, because Yogi Dad nixed Half-Ass Mom.  Which is kind of what I consider myself.

I’ve never, ever had to do it alone for more than a day or two at a time.  Not since the boys were about 4 months old anyways. 

You see, about a month after I went back to work the first time, we got a nanny.  She’s here 4 days a week while I sleep.  She goes to doctors appointments and helps me at the Children’s Museum.  She takes them to the park and walks them up to the store to pick out snacks with their “allowance”.  She wrangles them better on her own than I ever could.  If I have to get them into or out of the car on my own it’s the only thing I’m thinking about as I drive- the logistics give me nightmares.

I may be a delayed vaxer and a breastfeeder and a cloth diaperer and a rear-facer and a sometimes baby-wearer and a co-sleeper and a homemade babyfood maker not to mention a couponista who can cut down the grocery budget in a flash…but I kind of fail at the actual “Mom” stuff.  Until I was on maternity leave they would run to any number of people before they would come to me.  It was pretty sad really.

So I’m trying to figure this out here, two years into it.  How do I get three kids into the car on my own.  How do I wrangle them in public on my own.  How do I fit in time to upload pictures (or print them out and mail them to relatives) so people will get off my ass about never seeing pictures of my kids.  How do I make a trip to Target and use the big scary cart…on my own?  Actually, I don’t ever have to take them to Target with me and am thankful for that, so the big scary cart thing might never happen.  You get the idea.

Oh, and I had no idea there was a set of books (The Slacker Mom and the Slacker Wife) when I chose this domain.  Seriously, I should do a little research before I go domain shopping, or something.

So what do you think?  Am I a Slacker Mom?  I’m certainly not a Super mom and I don’t strive to be.  The reasons we do the things we do are out of necessity most of the time.  Where do you fall on the Mom spectrum? 

*I should probably say that Yogi Dad does not fall into the Slacker category at all.  He works all day and is 100% Dad when he gets home.  He’s awesome.  Another reason I’ve been able to get this far without accidentally leaving one behind.

I shouldn’t be allowed to own a car.

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I’m really bad about taking care of my car.  As in I want my husband to do it.

The problem with this is he doesn’t think about it and it just doesn’t get done. 

So today, 2 weeks before we embark on a trip across the country, we are dealing with numerous car repairs that would have been prevented with a little quarterly maintenance in the form of an OIL CHANGE. 

I’m 32 years old.  I’m the owner of two vehicles and the mother of three children.  If I can manage to keep three children alive and vaccinated on an alternative schedule, I should be able to remember to get my oil changed 4 times a year. 

So now, thanks to medical bills and vacation costs eating up our savings while I am on my maternity leave we are turning to my IL’s to keep us afloat through this car crisis.  I feel like I’m 16 years old asking for gas money.  I hate it, but I would hate missing this trip to see the grandparents who have never met my kids.  So we take the help where we can get it and we buckle under just a little bit more.

Some days I feel like I will never get the opportunity to stay home with my kids and it’s all my fault because I am the one with the massive student loan debt that I had to accrue to get a degree that is absolute BS.  At least I finished.  It would be worse to have the debt and have nothing to show for it.

But that’s not the point here.

I’m an adult.  We are adults.  WE should be able to figure this out.  I suppose sometimes figuring it out means asking for help.  And thankfully, we have people in our lives who can help.  It’s just painful.  I know things will be better.  I just don’t know when.  And I don’t know if this is he worst it will be.

Getting by.

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On Thursdays and Fridays it’s just me and the boys.  Me and three boys. 

I am scared shitless at 7am when my husband walks out the door and leaves me.  This makes me feel like crap because he is never afraid to be alone with the boys, he does it with ease, even if there is a mess left in his wake. 

First up? Breakfast.  Feed L and W before the baby starts shrieking to be nursed.  Too late.  Keep the boys occupied in their seats while I finish nursing J.  Clean up sticky hands and faces and if I forgot bibs- sticky bellies too.  Clean up high chairs and pick up offending pieces of food that were tossed to the floor. Actually, call the dog to clean up the floor.  Yes. Less bending over.

Coffee.  Make it dark enough to not lose it’s strength when masked with whole milk and sugar.  Drink as much as I can while standing at the counter waiting for “The Show” to end.  The Show being Super Why.  Can’t get enough of that Whyatt. 

The Show is done.  Read books.  Play with Little People.  Totally disregard the fact that someone is on the computer and has opened 8 windows to the wiki page for methamphetamine.  Odd.  Also, the webcam is no longer on a stand, just a ball on the end of a cord rolling around atop the desk.  Oh Well.

J wants to be fed.  Again.  This kid is nothing if not famished at all times.  He likes to take his time, enjoy the experiences. Savour every drop.  It’s exhausting.  Things are crashing in the bedroom.  Books?  No one is crying.  I’ll see what happened later.  It’s almost 10.  I know we’re trying to switch our nap to an afternoon nap but they seem kind of restless…maybe they need a nap at 10.

10am.  Time for a nap.  “Let’s march!”  Two heads snap to attention and grab the nearest blanket and head for the bedroom.  I’m not sure when this obedience is going to end but until that day I am going to relish in the fact that they go, willingly, to bed and nap every single day.  They may jump in their beds for awhile once they are in there, but they go.

Today nap might come early.

Thursday fail.

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It’s been a long week here at The Little House.  My mom had a unilateral knee replacement on Monday so I’ve been on hospital/ Mom duty the past few days.  Not being home means the house looks like shit.  Not that Yogi Dad didn’t try to keep it together, it’s just…tough when you are the only one for 3 days and you have other things on your agenda.  I have a feeling the next few weeks will be kind of crappy on the house cleaning/ tidying/ sanity home front.

On top of a messy house (I’m talking messy folks.  As in for the past 8 hours I have been nursing a baby who won’t settle down while my toddlers run wild in any room they can get into.)  I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.  Probably for the reasons mentioned above.  Messy house.  Haven’t been grocery shopping.  Mom’s gimpy knee.  Beautiful baby who only wants to suck the life out of me through my nipples.  It’s catching up to me and it kind of feels like suck.

I’m escaping to Target here in a few minutes.  We have a wedding to attend tomorrow and breastfeeding baby has nothing appropriate for such a festivity.  He can’t really wear his “I only cry when ugly people hold me” Onesie now, can he? 

At least I get to watch Real Housewives tonight.  I never thought I’d like that show, but I do.  I am excited for it from the moment I wake up in the morning.  I might never work on a Thursday night again!