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I have had a hard time letting go of Judah’s curls. A *really* hard time. I guess I had a hard time cutting the boys hair too- they didn’t get a cut until the day before Judah was born. Kind of the final nod to the fact that they were, in fact, growing up and no longer my babies.  It would´ve been easier to go to Championsgate Salon to get their hair cut.

Well, Judah will be 2 in less than a month and since we were in Kansas City and my sister is the fabulous stylist that she is, and because it just seems fitting that she gets their first haircuts instead of some random person at the kids salon, I took a deep breath and let go of the curls.

Well, a few of them. I think she might have gotten an inch or so off the back. Of course I kept a few locks. I may not have a formal baby book with any actual writing in it, but you will find all sorts of keepsakes like that peppered throughout the house in little boxes.

Here are some pics from the main event- quite blurry, not sure what the settings were as I was not manning the camera but instead trying to keep Judah still. He did a great job sitting, especially after she put the cape on him. He took it all very seriously!

Ryon Matthews, Mood Swings Salon Kansas City

Ryon Matthews, mood Swings Salon, Kansas City

Ryon Matthews, Mood Swings Salon Kansas City

Ryon Matthews, Mood Swings Salon, Kansas City

Ryon Matthews, Mood Swings Salon, Kansas City

Ryon Matthews, Mood Swings Salon, Kansas City

Doesn’t he look thrilled!  I’m glad it’s done.  I’m happy with the results.  I’m hoping his hair stays curly (we have plenty of curls in this family so I would be surprised if none of my kids inherited them).  But yeah…he’s getting older.  Getting bigger.  Growing up!


Independence Day

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This actually took place on the 1st of July, but I feel it’s a noteworthy step in the life of the boys.

Big Boy Beds!

They’ve been doing a some fairly dangerous moves in their ribs as of late (jumping off the rails comes to mind) so we figured the time had come.

When the boxes arrived on Friday night we wasted no time getting them set up. There was no fanfare, no big fuss. We kind of threw it all together right at bedtime and the boys really took it in stride. Lincoln spent some time jumping on his for a few minutes, we read some stories and sang some songs and then we put up the baby gate and turned off the lights.

About an hour later I could hear snoring and someone moving around. In the dark I could make out a figure sitting at the head of Wyatt’s bed.

I grabbed my camera, put it on the night time setting and aimed it at the bed.

Wyatt sleeps, Lincoln hams it up



Flats Challenge Kick-Off!

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It’s been a whirlwind weekend around here, what with moving and all.

I may not be able to find my clothes, but I made sure that my flats and covers were easily accessible and ready to go. That’s why you could find me hefting the huge box of pre-folds and flats up the stairs during our second tornado siren of the day on Sunday. On a different note- Judah can crawl up the stairs.

So for the Flats and Hand Wash Challenge I am using at max, 5 covers in rotation and 12 large birdseye flats from Diaper Junction. I’m still trying to decide which covers I’m using, Judah was in a well used Thirsties cover today and that lasted until bedtime. I’ll probably do a rotation of a Thirsties, a Flip and a Wonder Wrap. I’ve also got a Stacinator that I’ve been trying out but that might be too big for him and it might be a pain to dry….I’m obviously making this up as I go along.

So, tonight I had 4 flats to wash and 1 cover. There was a pre-fold in there that Yogi Dad used while I was out at a networking event, but it’s the first day, so I’m going to give him a pass. Just this once!

My plan is to wash them at the end of each night and dry them overnight. I prepared a spray bottle (maybe 10oz) with water and a tablespoon of Charlie’s Soap. I am going to try and see if giving them a good rinse in hot water and then spraying them with the diluted soap solution, and then some elbow grease followed by another really good rinse under hot running water will be good enough to clean them. When I washed them tonight it took about 15 minutes from start to finish. Not too bad.

I had planned on buying some sort of drying rack but never got around to it, so right now they are draped over empty laundry baskets in my kitchen. We’ll see if they are dry in the morning. Like I said, I am making this up as I go along. During the day I am keeping my flats and covers in a pail liner in the bathroom. Normally all diapers would go right into the diaper pail in the laundry room.

For nighttime we’ve just got him in a doubled up pre-fold in a cover, just like we usually do. Yogi Dad got everyone in their nighttime diapers so I may try a flat and pre-fold combo tomorrow night, we’ll see. I am using a super easy pad-fold/ tri-fold hybrid. I’m not good with the folds and this keeps all the areas covered.

One thing I noticed today was that the diapers were not saturated at all. This may be due to some weaning we’ve got going on, we’ll see how the week goes. I’m going to up the liquid intake tomorrow.

Day 1, down! I can’t wait to see if my flats are dry in the morning.

UPDATE!!! They were NOT dry in the morning. Boo! I draped them over the back of our dining room chairs and they were dry within 2 hours. I need to get my line rigged up!

If you are participating, leave me a link to a post about your plan!

I had an Extreme Couponing “Moment”

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Spurred on by a photo of a friends latest Target trip where she purchased among other things, a box of Tide and some various other H&B products with her total coming out to be less than the box of Tide, I made a list.

I was going to try my hand at this Extreme Couponing thing.

I was pretty excited as I hunted through my coupons.  You could say I was extremely excited.

So I put the boys on the bus, strapped Judah in the car, grabbed my list and headed towards my Target.  Sadly, this might be my last visit to this Target.  You know, because we are moving to the other side of the city and all.  (cue sad music)

But this trip!  This trip was amazing.  (I took pictures but our camera cord is at the new house so this will have to do for now.)

The Breakdown:
MC- Manufacturers coupon TC- Target coupon

21oz Tide Stain Release Spray sale $4.49 ($3 MC + $1 TC) total $.49

114oz Tide Powder with Bleach sale $10.99 ($3 MC $.75 TC) total $7.24

J&J First Aid to Go x2 reg $.97 ($1 off 2 MC) total $.94

Olay Silk Whimsy Body Lotion w/ free trial size lotion clearance $4.18
Olay single bar soap reg. $.97
Secret trial size deodorant reg $.97
($4 off MC if you buy lotion+deodorant+soap) total $2.12

22oz Murphy’s Oil Soap Spray price cut $2.49 ($.50 MC + $1 TC) total $.99

1Qt Similac RTF reg $5.49 ($5 MC) total $.49

And my treat for my trip was a large Cherry Limeade from Sonic reg $1.99 ($1.99 voucher from Star Tribune STeals) total FREE!

Total: $33.51  Paid: $12.27  Savings:  $21.24 (63%)

Not bad.

I would be amiss if I didn’t point you towards my current giveaway of $50 to Tea Collection which ends 5-27 and also my Coupons+Deals page.  You can find lots of things on this page- coupon generators, coupon toolbars, freebies…

Disclosure: These were the prices at the Fridley MN Super Target on 5-17-11, some of the Sale prices may have been TPC’s (I didn’t write them all down as I was shopping).


A new house needs new…candles

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Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Recently I was contacted by www.edenfantasys.com  about writing a sponsored post for their site.  Now, I’m not usually one to go to a “site like that” but, I do need some new candles…ahem.

So, off I went!

They have many different candles to choose from, lots of lovely colors and scents to freshen up your home.  If you are into that kind of thing.  And I am.  Into candles.  (Obviously)

Of course they have many, many other things there, other than candles.

Like books.

I had heard about this book:  Porn for Women.   Have you seen this book?  Men vacuuming?  Men doing laundry?  It will be liked for women who are into adult content and use adult websites and services as Zoom Escorts Liverpool for their enjoyment.

Yes Please!

What woman doesn’t fantasize about a fully clothed (hot) man cleaning her home?  I’m not alone in this, am I?

Cleaning and candles…who knew!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for which I have been compensated.  All opinions are my own.

How old is this kid?

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9 Months. 

Judah Crawls

He is 9 months old and he:
– is as big as Lincoln was at 12 months
– is as big as Wyatt was at 15 months
– is walking, on his own, with no encouragement about 25% of the time
– likes to play fetch with Stanley
– eats more “real” food than the boys on a regular basis
– really needs to get in for his 9 month appointment so this awesomeness can be documented for realz
– might be weaning, but I can’t be sure…
– has no inhibitions whatsoever- this one likes to explore!

Where did my baby go?

The Sun!

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The thermometer finally hit 80 degrees!
For the first time in 7 months.
At least that is what Sven Sundgaard is telling me.
I really don’t have time to look through weather history….

I DO know that we have been thawed out for quite awhile, regardless of how stubborn this spring has been about sticking around for good. 
It’s not like we live in the frozen tundra or something!

Yes, the weather in Minnesota is delightful.

I must be crazy.

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For the past 2 years or so, we’ve been using cloth diapers in some form or another.  We started with 2 gDiapers and a dozen pre-folds when the boys were 4 months old, washing them every night until I added  8 more g’s and then a few more covers and pre-folds…isn’t this how it starts for all of us cloth diapering Moms?  Start with one or two and pretty soon you’ve got a stash that needs it’s own organizing system? I know it’s not just ME!

In the short time I’ve been cloth diapering I’ve gone from full-time CDing to part-time, to using disposables and back to part-time and now to mostly CDing with disposables for school and nighttime.  The goal when we move is to get back to CDing full-time (except for when the boys are in school) because we won’t be paying for laundry anymore.  Paying to wash cloth diapers every other day is a pain in the patoot and with 3 in cloth, it’s almost an EVERY day thing, so we *mostly* cloth diaper right now.

When I first read that some people were washing their disposable diapers and drying them with hairdryers I really couldn’t believe it.  Why would you choose to rinse out a chemical diaper and dry that when you could be washing and drying a cotton diaper instead? 

Some cloth diapers are pretty cheap.

You can wash them in your bathtub and hang them up to dry.

Disposable diapers were not made to be used more than once…

Enter the Flats and Handwashing Challenge!

From May 23rd until May 30th, I will be using flats and covers during the day and handwashing them.  No machines, no fancy fitteds or all-in-ones.  We’re talking the cheapest of the cheap way to cloth diaper.  It can be done.  If you have enough to buy a box of Pampers, you have enough to get started with cloth diapering.  If you’ve got two hands and running water, you’ve got what you need to clean them.

I’ve never used flats before this, but I’m pretty dependant on my pre-folds, so I’m familiar with what to expect for absorbency.  I have never used a cloth diaper sprayer, so I have no problem getting my hands dirty (we use a lot of soap in this house)!

I was lucky enough to get in on Diaper Junction’s awesome sponsorship of this challenge.  I was gifted 12 Birdseye Flats to use.  So far they have been doing great.  I’ve used them on all three boys and not had a leak yet. 

Any Cloth Diapering Moms interested in joining in?

Bringing Home Baby: Then and Now

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Baby feet ready to leave hospitalWhen we brought Judah home from the hospital, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities and differences in that first days compared to the first days and weeks home with Lincoln and Wyatt

Both times we went to be discharged, someone (I’m looking at you Lincoln and Judah.) had a bilirubin spike leading to hours of testing and retesting and waiting for a discharge or an order to stay under lights.  Both times we went home under observation.  This first time it wasn’t a huge deal- we were worried about little Lincoln and wanted him to stay if he needed.  With Judah we just couldn’t believe it was happening the same way, again.  I was all packed up!  I had already played momtographer for hours!  I was Ready. To. Go. 

Eventually we found ourselves strapped into the old Focus barreling down the streets of Minneapolis with a 5 day old boy (I guess we only make the boy model in this house) strapped safely in the backseat.  They even wore the same coming home outfit.  I’m sentimental that way. 

It’s amazing they let you take something that small and fragile and priceless home!  I’ll never get over it.

Differences though…there were more of those.  Probably due to the whole “been there, done that” of it all.  Or maybe we just felt a little more prepared or maybe a little more like it was just another day (a great, awesome, happy, fun day) and life goes on.  Who am I kidding, we weren’t prepared for this at all.  I was still kind of freaking out over how my Big Boys were going to handle everything.  How I was going to deal with mothering all three of them.  And ohmigod I missed them.  I had never been away for so long.  I really just wanted to get home to my Lincoln and Wyatt.

So, what was different?
* With Lincoln and Wyatt it was a cold gloomy Sunday in November. 
* With Judah it was a bright sunny Sunday in August.

* With Lincoln and Wyatt we set them down in the middle of the living room and just looked at each other with that “Now What?” look on our faces and just stared at them for what seemed like hours.  In reality it was probably 10 minutes before they let in be known they were unhappy, but it seemed like hours.
* With Judah we brought him home, showed him to the boys, put him in his co-sleeper and carried on with our day.  I even unpacked my bags and put away gifts and found a home for the new plants!  Insanity!!!

* With Lincoln and Wyatt we were so nervous to be alone with them we had my Mom stop by to have pizza with us as we navigated caring for these little guys at home the first few hours.
* With Judah I wanted the evening to be our little family only.  Just the 5 of us.  I missed my boys so much!

* With Lincoln and Wyatt I was totally freaked about breastfeeding and pumping and agonized over every single ounce.  I even used a manual pump after every feeding (until I got my lovely Medela PISA when Grandma C arrived) as they were reluctant latchers and we supplemented after ever session with a dropper.
* With Judah I was still concerned, but he was a good latcher from day 1, so not as crazy as with the boys.  That would come later with the slow weight gain.

* With Lincoln and Wyatt I had no good schedule for pain management after a C-Section.  Those nurses just appear with drugs when you are in the hospital.  They don’t follow you home!  No one told me that.
* With Judah I had a schedule on the refrigerator that I followed until I was feeling less achy- about a week.

I think I was happier to be home this time around.  I really enjoyed both of my hospital stays but when you’ve got two kids and a bunch of out of town visitors at home you have fewer visitors during the day.  I missed seeing my little family.  I felt like I got a lot of great bonding in with Judah (he wanted to nurse nonstop pretty much the entire 5 days) but poor Yogi Dad didn’t. 

I was also very proactive about getting up and on my feet as soon as possible after my C-Section, so I was practically climbing the walls ready to go by day 3.  The first time around I was a bit apprehensive about getting up and walking and although I had a fairly swift recovery, I feel like this time was a bit easier.

I like it though.  Bringing home a baby.  It’s like finding a piece of the puzzle that you didn’t know was missing in the first place.

First Skate.

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I think it’s been well documented that I have been waiting for my boys to be old enough to don skates since before we even knew they were boys.  Or that there were two of them for that matter.  When we were still oblivious to Baby B, we called our baby “Little Yzerman”.  It was a nod to my love of the Red Wings and all things hockey.  All my hopes for a son to one day play the game.  When we found out there were two, we called our little tag team Little Yzerman and Gordie Howe.  Again with the Red Wings….

Yesterday, we finally, FINALLY, got those boys out on skates.  Now say what you want, but 2 year olds on skates are damn near the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

And yes, I am aware that they are dressed in Minnesota Wild jerseys.  I suppose I have a lifetime to convert them, but they are Minnesotans born and bred will wear Wild until they can make their own choice in the matter.  Unless of course some Red and White makes an appearance…

So moving on….

After getting everyone, including judah dressed for our big hockey day, Yogi Dad and i headed out with Grandpa and the boys.  Grandpa E had a rink picked out and we drove over.  The parking lot is empty but for one car.  From the road you can see the snow covering the ice…this isn’t looking good.  Upon further exploration we found there was a small patch, maybe 20’x30′ of ice, shoveled off. 

Perfect.  Not a soul to get in the way of teetering tots or Moms (and Dads) with cameras.  We didn’t need a lot of room, we just wanted to get them up and on their feet.  Skates to ice.  The winter seems to be flying by.

We plopped the boys one by one into the back of Grandpa’s SUV and push on their skates.  They’ve gotten a bit tight since Christmas.  Boys grow fast apprently!  First Wyatt, then Lincoln.  We had to pulloff Lincolns socks to get his feet in the boot.  I worried about frostbitten toes and cold feet but was ensured they would be quite warm and it would be better to really feel the skate.  It was only for a little bit, so I let him go, sans socks.

We carry the boys over to the ice with their sticks and a puck and set them down.  First Wyatt, then Lincoln.

Wyatt pulls out his Broken Leg Syndrome and turns into a pile of noodles as soon as we touch the ice.  He instead scoots around on his knees picking up the biggest pieces of snow he can find.  He’s happy, we’re happy. 

Lincoln though…Lincoln sticks with it.

He keeps his feet under his body.  He keeps his balance.  He even takes a few strides all by himself.

We were all pretty amazed by that.  All of the balancing on the edges of furniture and tables and steps is going to come in handy I can see.

All told we only stayed out maybe 20 minutes.  Wyatt played  and Lincoln was pushed around and taunted into taking a few more steps. 

It was 20 minutes many people have been waiting for, for quite a long time.

And Lincoln’s toes were plenty warm when we took off his skates.