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First Skate.

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I think it’s been well documented that I have been waiting for my boys to be old enough to don skates since before we even knew they were boys.  Or that there were two of them for that matter.  When we were still oblivious to Baby B, we called our baby “Little Yzerman”.  It was a nod to my love of the Red Wings and all things hockey.  All my hopes for a son to one day play the game.  When we found out there were two, we called our little tag team Little Yzerman and Gordie Howe.  Again with the Red Wings….

Yesterday, we finally, FINALLY, got those boys out on skates.  Now say what you want, but 2 year olds on skates are damn near the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

And yes, I am aware that they are dressed in Minnesota Wild jerseys.  I suppose I have a lifetime to convert them, but they are Minnesotans born and bred will wear Wild until they can make their own choice in the matter.  Unless of course some Red and White makes an appearance…

So moving on….

After getting everyone, including judah dressed for our big hockey day, Yogi Dad and i headed out with Grandpa and the boys.  Grandpa E had a rink picked out and we drove over.  The parking lot is empty but for one car.  From the road you can see the snow covering the ice…this isn’t looking good.  Upon further exploration we found there was a small patch, maybe 20’x30′ of ice, shoveled off. 

Perfect.  Not a soul to get in the way of teetering tots or Moms (and Dads) with cameras.  We didn’t need a lot of room, we just wanted to get them up and on their feet.  Skates to ice.  The winter seems to be flying by.

We plopped the boys one by one into the back of Grandpa’s SUV and push on their skates.  They’ve gotten a bit tight since Christmas.  Boys grow fast apprently!  First Wyatt, then Lincoln.  We had to pulloff Lincolns socks to get his feet in the boot.  I worried about frostbitten toes and cold feet but was ensured they would be quite warm and it would be better to really feel the skate.  It was only for a little bit, so I let him go, sans socks.

We carry the boys over to the ice with their sticks and a puck and set them down.  First Wyatt, then Lincoln.

Wyatt pulls out his Broken Leg Syndrome and turns into a pile of noodles as soon as we touch the ice.  He instead scoots around on his knees picking up the biggest pieces of snow he can find.  He’s happy, we’re happy. 

Lincoln though…Lincoln sticks with it.

He keeps his feet under his body.  He keeps his balance.  He even takes a few strides all by himself.

We were all pretty amazed by that.  All of the balancing on the edges of furniture and tables and steps is going to come in handy I can see.

All told we only stayed out maybe 20 minutes.  Wyatt played  and Lincoln was pushed around and taunted into taking a few more steps. 

It was 20 minutes many people have been waiting for, for quite a long time.

And Lincoln’s toes were plenty warm when we took off his skates.