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Up to The Lake

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Every Summer we head up to the lake to partake in the normal lake activities. Swimming. Eating. Hanging out.

Every year I take a picture of the boys doing one specific thing: walking down the path to the lake.

4th of July weekend 2009 (8 months):

4th of July 2010 (20 months old):

And Labor Day weekend 2011 (33 months and 13 months):

It was so cold, there was no swimming and we stayed just long enough to take our pics and eat our picnic lunch.  But I did get my pictures.  (We stopped at the Walleye in Garrison too- a must-do for Minnesota kids who grow up going Up North to The Lake on weekends.)

I love seeing the changes from year to year. The first year, just the twins sitting in the grass, facing away from the camera. Two years later, three boys running every which way! It’s a pretty good glimpse of our life right now- crazy.

As I was digging for the pics from 2009 and 2010 I was scrolling through my old posts. It’s interesting to look back through the old blog and see what was happening a year ago, two years ago. I wrote this post in 2009 about how I felt like a fake mom and I think this is still kind of true.

Do you ever feel like you’re faking it? When does that go away? Does it ever go away?! Here come the shameless plugs: I have lots of places you can find me when I’m not here: Twitter! Facebook! StarTribune.com! Following on Google Friend Connect is always welcome and if you Stumble my posts because you think they are made of The Awesome, well, I might just love you forever.