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Twitter Swoon

Posted: November 21st, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Autism | Tags: Autism, Twitter | 6 Comments »

Last night after we tucked the Three Amigos into bed I sat down to check Twitter before starting the dishes. The first thing I noticed was a super long hashtag: #YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf. I love me some hashtags but I don’t usually jump onto something that might be trending unless I’m at a Twitter party or something. This one though, this one I couldn’t pass up!

Twitter November 2011

I clicked to see what other parents were saying and I was hooked!

Twitter Novemeber 2011

These were my people. Telling it like it is. The good. The bad. The weird. The embarrassing.

Twitter november 2011

I talk to autism parents all the time on Twitter, it’s one of the things that makes me feel sane. But last night? It was like an event! It had me alternately laughing out loud and in tears with each new tweet.

Twitter November 2011

I followed that hashtag for 4 hours before I finally went to bed, leaving my dishes to sit in the sink until today. Where they are being further neglected as I write this post.

Twitter November 2011

We are almost to the 1 year mark for the boys diagnosis. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be able to laugh and cry at what autism brings in the the span of 2 minutes, I never would have believed you.

I’m glad to be here.

The World Stops. Except for Twitter.

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When it comes to breastfeeding, I am not a multi-tasker.

My babies tend to need a lot of assistance in the beginning- as in latching and re-latching and waking them up and repositioning and on and on and on.

Once we get past that circus, I pretty much have to stay completely still and not rock the Boppy. There is no NAK* from me.

Of course, if you pair these rigid rules with the super convenient nursing 45-60 minutes out of every 2 hour period and I’m sure you can imagine the state of my house. The opposite of immaculate. The state of my laundry. The opposite of folded and put away. And the state of my sanity. Pretty much hanging on by a thread. (See state of house and laundry.)

There was one thing I could do though.

I could Tweet.

I didn’t really *get* my BlackBerry until I was stuck for hours on end in The Big Red Chair, once I figured out Twitter, I was hooked. It was the perfect way for me to “check-out” mentally and just relax. There is only so much daytime PBS a grown woman can take. Twitter saved me.

It was my life line.

(And really, no one talks about breastfeeding more than Twitter. Twitter loves the breastfeeding.)

Now that I have upgraded to a super fancy schmancy HTC EVO 4G I doubt it would have the same impact. I can barely tweet on my touchscreen and trying it one handed would be a nightmare. (Can you tell I miss my old keypad?)

Whatever will I do when I have another one?!

So, do you multi-task while you are nursing? Can you rig your baby up in a sling, let her go to town and carry on with the cleaning and the cooking and the tending to the other children or are you a one-trick pony like me?

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by Life with Levi, Diary of a Devil Dog Wife and myself. The hop runs every Thursday and Friday and is open to posts that relate to the weekly topic. This weeks topic is Breastfeeding and Multi-Tasking. Link up!

*Nursing At Keyboard

Heart, Meet Sleeve

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I’ll admit it, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  For better or worse, that’s just how it is.  When it comes to blogging and social media this can be a good and a bad thing, especially when it comes to parenting choices.

Social media is spectacular for finding like-minded people to support and commiserate with, building relationships 140 characters at a time.  But what happens when that tweet from a person you respect comes across your screen and your skin instantly crawls. Like this:

Dagmar hates on c-sections

It’s not pointed at you, but to Twitter in general.  Considering the number of followers Dagmar has (and c-section rate in the US) I imagine more than a few people felt judged by this question.  I felt judged.

As someone who has had 2 scheduled c-sections* it leaves me feeling that I am somehow less of a woman/ mother because I had the birth that I did (which I am totally happy with, btw).  That I am somehow an idiot, because I chose to have a controlled abdominal surgery, something that she believes shouldn’t even be offered.

It was followed up by this:

so if you have a c-section you must be scared of birth...gotcha


So in the span of about 5 minutes I am left feeling like less of a woman/ mother, who is obviously just fearful of vaginal birth and therefore shouldn’t have children…

This is a respected blogger who is known for her breastfeeding and natural birth advocacy.  She is an advocate.  The funny thing about the most vocal advocates is more often than not I find they reduce themselves to making moms feel bad about their choices.  Even if their choices are totally valid.

What difference does it make if I opted to schedule a C-section to avoid an emergency C-section in the event that after a vaginal birth of Baby A, Baby B couldn’t be delivered?  Yes, I know, there was a small chance he would have turned, but really?  I would rather recover from a planned c-section instead of an emergency c-section on top of a vaginal birth.  Does that make me afraid?  No, that makes me smart for weighing my options and risks and making a decision.  Was it medically necessary?  Maybe not, we’ll never know, but I am thankful that the option was there- emergency C-sections are much more difficult to recover from (or so I’ve heard).

It was eventually followed up by this:

Oh, I wasn't *criticizing*...right!


Yes Dagmar, telling women that #1) their choice is something you don’t believe should be an option for them, #2) assuming they are doing it out of a fear of vaginal birth and #3) telling them they shouldn’t have children…that would be criticizing.

And really, why is it anyone’s business anyway?  Why does any mother have to explain her reasoning behind her decisions so someone can decide whether or not she made a good choice?  And the whole issue of whether or not she was informed of her choices and educated on her options?  Why are “advocates” so quick to assume women who opt to have C-Sections aren’t educated and informed?

See? Heart on Sleeve.  Or in this case, Heart on Blog.

I am a supporter of Moms of all shapes and sizes, birth and parenting choices.  If you want to have a baby in your kitchen, you go girl!  If you want to breastfeed until toddlerhood, that is fantastic.  If you want to skip the VBAC and go with something you know and are comfortable with, only YOU can make those decisions.  If you want to avoid a C-Section at all costs?  Good for you.

Just don’t tell me my choice shouldn’t be an option.



* Every time the mention of a C-Section comes up natural birth advocates pull out a litany of reasons a woman should have chosen natural birth, regardless of the reasons behind it.  There is always something else you could have done, some technique you could have used, a better more supportive ob/ midwife/ partner.  No reason is ever good enough to make it “medically necessary”.